Basel 2014: Haldimann H1 latest version (video)

Apr 09, 2014,12:21 PM

Dear all

During this year's Baselworld show I had a chance to visit Beat Haldimann and marvel at his latest creations. Apart from the sublime H11 Beat showed me the most recent version of his celebrated H1. I made a video for you to enjoy. Look closely and you will spot the new shape of the hands. But there's more: the domed sapphire crystal bears a new revolutionary anti-reflective coating which for the first time is free of the usual blueish/violet tint. This way the huge tourbillon really seems to jump at you. What's more, Beat reworked the dial and used a refined procedure for the numerals. Finally, the position and style of the logo have also been changed. But see for yourself:

I hope you enjoyed that!

Cheers, Valentin

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That video...

 By: pplater : April 9th, 2014-17:32
...was great, Valentin; thank you very much. Of course, it whets the appetite for more: did you happen also to take still photos? If so, may we prevail on you to share? Cheers, pplater.

pplater, thank you! I didn't take my big camera with me. Yet, there is

 By: Valentin Blank : April 9th, 2014-21:47
one snap I shot with my phone that I am happy to share with you. Thanks, Valentin ...  

Excellent video

 By: Spellbound : April 9th, 2014-17:45
Thanks for this. Excellent video that I can actually see in China (usually videos posted on this forum are hosted on third party websites that may be blocked here). The H11 was my favourite watch for 2013. Dean

Thank you, Dean. I'm happy to hear that the video

 By: Valentin Blank : April 9th, 2014-21:49
works for you! Thank you for your comment. Cheers, Valentin