Exploding HM3!

Dec 01, 2013,11:04 AM

This HM3 is exploding like in a cartoon!

Kudos to Camille Fournet for the strap! Well, even if I would not wear the watch this way!


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It will get even more ...

 By: small-luxury-world : December 1st, 2013-12:11
attention ... :-) Quite eclectic, exotic, comical ... and very unique for sure. Thanks for sharing, FX! Oliver

Sorry but that strap looks ridiculous IMO :P

 By: AnthonyTsai : December 1st, 2013-14:22
That strap combo makes the watch look silly. It's sort of an insult to horology IMO :) - AT

Looks like the Frill-Necked Lizard of Australia.....

 By: Sandgroper : December 2nd, 2013-00:50
We've go quite a few here:):) Cheers XF Francois from the Land Down Under ...  

I came here to post exactly that, Sandgroper !

 By: RobCH : December 4th, 2013-04:46
That it was the bushwhacker coming out in me ;-)

LOL! Great minds think alike Rob.:):).......

 By: Sandgroper : December 4th, 2013-16:07
It was the first image which came to my mind when I so this..... hmmm!? wrist band:):) Cheers Francois from the Bush Land:)

To each his own [nt]

 By: DonCorson : December 2nd, 2013-02:51

One for the birds. [nt]

 By: fernando : December 2nd, 2013-04:35

Wear it on CSD

 By: amerix : December 2nd, 2013-05:47
Christopher Street Day - with little else ;-)

spirit of AHCI...

 By: social : December 2nd, 2013-20:40
...fully manifested in its unique case design, unique screw, unique rotor, unique way of time-telling, and bravery and creativity.

That's just silly....

 By: NickO : December 6th, 2013-11:33
.. I'd never wear that strap with that shirt.