New Photos of the Vianney Halter Antiqua

May 04, 2013,08:16 AM

Greetings to all!  With the upcoming launch of Vianney's new "outer space" piece, I was drawn back to the Antiqua for a photo session -- in this case emphasizing some of the details of this ground-breaking watch:

All images taken with the Nikon D800E and 85mm PC-E 2.8 tilt-shift lens.

Hope you enjoyed!


Gary G

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Lovely pics Gary!

 By: andrewluff : May 4th, 2013-09:35
Always liked this piece and all the small details. Thanks for sharing, Andrew

Appreciate it, Andrew!

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:12
This is a watch that benefits from careful inspection -- so many interesting angles and perspectives to see. Glad you enjoyed the photos! Best, Gary

Great photos Gary

 By: hewitgar : May 4th, 2013-10:53
I Particularly like the final shot of the whole watch, and the shot down the barrel to the '3'! The name plate shows a few imperfections at that dangerous magnification? Best regards Gary

Dangerous magnification indeed!

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:15
We can see why it is that some watchmakers hate macro photographers! I do have to say that other than the nameplate, the finishing of all other elements of the watch (hands, dials, case, movement) is simply superb -- and, I would say, an area in which Via... 

"A genuine watch is the sum of all its slight ...

 By: vianney : May 7th, 2013-00:27
.... imperfections " This, at least, in my opinion. I found "perfection" brought by CAD machines is boring. Put a main stream brand timepiece under a magnifying glass, I am sure you will feel the same : everything is "perfect", "smooth", "lukewarm" As for... 

Thanks for these thoughts, Vianney

 By: Gary G : May 7th, 2013-19:21
...and I can say that you are one watchmaker who has nothing to fear from the loupe or the macro lens :-) All the best, Gary

Stunning! Some of the best images of Vianney's Antiqua I've ever seen.

 By: Tim Jackson : May 4th, 2013-15:40
These are fantastic pictures. The details of his work are clearly evident and you show the piece very well. Yes the name is hand engraved and not perfect like a machine, but reminds us of the human aspect of fine mechanical watchmaking. Your pictures set ... 

This watch lends itself to interesting images

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:19
Thanks very much, Tim -- the D800E is a very powerful tool, but takes some practice (and in my case, a dose of luck) to get really solid images. The camera is unforgiving of weak technique. I am very much looking forward to the Deep Space! Will be good wh... 

Hello amerix

 By: ammerix1 : January 24th, 2020-07:51
You are not I (the original amerix) so let there be no confusion between the names. persons and our identities. The One and Only amerix, Amerix, and ammerix1

Ach, ja - was it really me?

 By: ammerix1 : January 24th, 2020-08:22
The year goes back to 2013 and the headline is "new" shots of the Antiqua. Now? I thought that Gary G. had stopped posting photos here because of an ownership/copywrite misunderstanding. So Who has reposted this? No mistake -- a great thread -- without my... 

Great Pictures Gary!

 By: Nicko16 : May 4th, 2013-17:39
Really a special watch! P.S Like your new profile pic as well!

Thanks, Nicko!

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:21
Lots of fun photographing this one. As for the profile pic, we'll see how long it lasts -- a bit disconcerting for me to see myself looking back out of the computer! Best, Gary

Absolutely stunning. I love this watch

 By: docsnov : May 4th, 2013-23:02
and would love to try one one. Stewart

Hope you get the opportunity to try one!

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:22
The watch is much more elegant and subtle than many folks think -- and sits beautifully on the wrist. Thanks for your comment! Best, Gary

A pleasure, Fernando!

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:23
Pleased that you liked them -- I really enjoy sharing images of great pieces like this one. Best, Gary

All 3 items

 By: flamenco : May 5th, 2013-02:28
That I hope to acquire ! The camera, lens and watch, not in any order. Splendid shots of a cult timepiece. Especially love the side view of the case.

That side view

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:24
...resulted from various attempts at cropping and rotating a fairly conventional starting image -- I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it. I can definitely recommend all three items! Best, Gary

The nameplate is hardly flattering

 By: amerix : May 5th, 2013-04:38
but I dare say the engraving has vastly improved in subsequent versions. Could it been an early result of doing it on platinum? The other shots show an incredible space-object, never seen this way before. The tile-shift lens is an absolute must! Regards, ... 

Definitely hand-made, Amery!

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-08:11
As my watch is #14, your hypothesis may in fact be correct -- I agree with you that more recent watches I have seen do seem to have considerably cleaner engraving. I do love the tilt-shift! Enables some angles that are not achievable with standard lenses,... 

Thanks Gary for your kind reply!

 By: amerix : May 5th, 2013-11:02
When Vianney's DS makes its perfect landing here on earth, there will be nobody more skilled - or better equipped - to photograph it than you !!! My halcyon days were spend with a Linhoff Technika - perhaps I should return with the Nikon? Sorry - now the ... 

Go for it!

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-16:32
I'd be very interested to see your photographic work with some of these watches, Amery! Snooker is a favorite of mine, although we see just about none of it here in the States. I still recall seeing Hendry shoot a perfect score on live TV during the time ... 

My pleasure! (nt)

 By: Gary G : May 5th, 2013-21:23

Another great set of pictures

 By: Mark in Paris : May 6th, 2013-00:28
Thanks a lot Gary, we feel from them you're still in love! Cheers, Mark

Yes, still love this piece!

 By: Gary G : May 6th, 2013-09:35
There are so many interesting facets and angles on this one -- and the movement (with its instantaneous day and date change, for instance) is quite sophisticated from a horological perspective as well. Thanks for your note! Best, Gary

Great pics of a stunning watch.

 By: VMM : May 6th, 2013-04:39
Love it. Thanks a lot for sharing. Vte :)

Thanks, Vte

 By: Gary G : May 6th, 2013-09:36
Easy to stay interested in this one! Best, Gary

Very easy indeed.

 By: VMM : May 6th, 2013-10:04
It was love at first sight. Visiting the "small" AHCI booth at Basel back in 1999 or 2000, I was lucky enough to meet Peter Speake Marin, Christian Van Der Klaauw, Kiu Tai Yu, Vianney Halter, and Svend Andersen, among others. After taking 35mm film pics o... 

How about "handsome photographer!"

 By: Gary G : May 6th, 2013-09:37
OK, so we can't go that far into the realm of the imaginary, I guess :-) Best, Gary

the best pictures I have seen of the Antiqua...damn...I want one back!!!

 By: Hororgasm : May 6th, 2013-06:03
The re seems to be some scratch marks on the and around "H" of Halter . never noticed before thanks for the pictures and memories best, Horo

Fear of Four

 By: Gary G : May 6th, 2013-09:39 the only thing that kept this one from you, Horo! Well, maybe that and your desire to add other pieces to your unbelievably splendid collection. Your only bad luck is that you don't have it any more :-) Happy to report that winder box will be coming... 

WOW. Now you have reinspired me to play with my camera

 By: bernard cheong : May 6th, 2013-07:36
I love my antiqua. After looking at todays Basel. These works and the Opus 3 look like the classics, and the wild factor is gone. But the beauty remains.

Looking forward to any and all photos, Bernard!

 By: Gary G : May 6th, 2013-09:40
Great to hear from you -- thanks very much for your post, and please do fire away with any and all photos! Best, Gary

Stunning! If you want to see another amusing pic of handwork, check this of an Antiqua I owned...

 By: SteveH : January 24th, 2020-08:50
Notice the number of jewels...Forty TREE! Haha. Ultimately charming ...  

NEW photos from May 04, 2013,08:16 AM

 By: ammerix1 : January 24th, 2020-09:00
Sorry, but I dislike being mislead ... Especially when Vianney is working on an entirely new project. Amerix

I don't think that was the intention

 By: NickO : January 24th, 2020-10:29
A member bumped a 7-year-old thread because he found it interesting and obviously he can't change the thread title. I'm actually glad he did, as I find both this watch and GaryG's photography stunning, and I didn't see this post when it was first made. Ni...