The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer, first pictures!

Apr 11, 2011,11:14 AM

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarins historic flight, the first human to fly in space.
Yuri Gagarin flew once around the planet in 108 minutes.  In Bernard Lederers Gagarin Tourbillon the tourbillon makes a trip around the dial on just these 108 minutes, flying to the east, counterclockwise, just as Yuri Gagarine did 50 years ago.

Some details:  The one minute flying tourbillon orbits the dial once every 108 minutes in easterly direction.  To allow reading the multitude of information on the dial about Gagarins flight a magnifying glass is integrated in the case.  The glass can be tilted and turned to allow reading anywhere on the dial or close inspection of the tourbillon at any time.  Note the tourbillon cage which carries the name of the space ship, Vostok, east.  The tourbillon bridge takes up the sweeping design elements from the famous Russian monument to this historic flight.  The watch is entirely made in Lederers shop in Colombier near Neuchâtel with the exception only of the hairspring, mainspring, saphires and the stones.

Without further delay: the first pictures "in the wild" of the Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer.

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Tourbillon Gagarin

 By: watchman9656 : April 11th, 2011-11:39
What a great watch, superb and really unique, I'd love to buy one , lovely details and perfect cas size. Congratulations to designer and engineer

too cool!

 By: donizetti : April 11th, 2011-12:54
What a fun watch! Best Andreas

A very out of this world timepiece...

 By: patrick_y : April 11th, 2011-16:54
Very unique design, magnifying glass design is out of this world, 108 minutes tourbillon is especially interesting. Overall a very unique timepiece, looking forward to seeing this timepiece in person! Thanks for the introduction Don!

Amazing watch

 By: aditedja : April 11th, 2011-20:06
i always like watch produce by blu


 By: VMM : April 19th, 2011-10:08

Fascinating, one explanation please...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : April 12th, 2011-00:54
how is this a flying tourbillon? It looks supported on two sides of the cage... Very intriguing and original piece. Best, Magnus

yes and no...

 By: DonCorson : April 12th, 2011-08:37
The tourbillon is actually built as a flying tourbillon, the pictures of the cage were taken of a tourbillon that was working as I took the pictures. As you see it is flying. In the watch, however, there is an upper bearing which is technically not necess... 

Flying or not

 By: Uhrenkarl : April 12th, 2011-12:45
It is a flying one. The big bridge is a part of the whole design remembering the GAGARIN monument. The function in the watch is somewhat like a shockabsorber not a bridge keeping the tourbillon (You would see the pin and an incablocksystem) regards Uhrenk... 

Well, I am confused now...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : April 12th, 2011-18:15
Hello Uhrenkarl thanks for your reply but: 1.) Pin: I see a pin on the top part of the tourbillon cage, and a corresponding jewel on the 'Gargarin' bridge: 2.) Incablock system : The existence of a shock absorber has nothing to do with the question whethe...  

The watch is confusing

 By: Mostel : April 12th, 2011-19:15
That is central to its charm. Whether the confusion leads to love....

It is a flying tourbillon Magnus

 By: Ian Skellern : April 12th, 2011-22:07
Bernhard Lederer originally planned to develop a normal tourbillon supported by bridges top and bottom, but then realised that a flying tourbillon construction would allow him to lighten the tourbillon cage much more (important with the added mass of the ... 

Actually - very very nice indeed. Not my taste, but very nicely

 By: 219 : April 12th, 2011-05:17
done. Note how the tourbillon bridge is designed around the 'Memorial to Space Flight' in Moscow: How cool and fitting as a tribute. A great deal of thought has gone into the timing and design of the watch by Bernhard Lederer. Great photos too Don. Thanks...  

Looks great...

 By: Andy : April 12th, 2011-07:43
but I don't like the magnifying glass over the dial. I'm also surprised there hasn't been more made from this occasion..! Great report and fantastic pictures, Yours, Andy.

very funky. my kind of watch, like a lot of Bernards pieces

 By: G99 : April 12th, 2011-12:05
i'd love to own one of his watches and one day you never know i may get lucky. this is a great piece, but i think Poljot should have done something to commemorate the occasion. G

Very intriguing, even if I'm not a space nut.

 By: dxboon : April 13th, 2011-07:23
I like its unusual built in loupe! Nice little Vostok detail on the tourbillon cage too. Thanks for the great pictures, Don! Cheers, Daos

a conversation piece indeed..

 By: ocwatching : April 13th, 2011-12:26
very cool design and IMHO a fitting tribute... great photos Don! Thank you!

How cool is that!

 By: Davo : April 14th, 2011-14:16

Very nice creation.

 By: VMM : April 19th, 2011-10:13
It looks like a HQ product, it is not my kind of watch, but I have to say "chapeau" to the idea and developement of this fantastic creation. Congratulations. Thanks for the great review. Vte