Kari Voutilainen at BaselWorld 2010

Mar 22, 2010,14:04 PM

We see here Kari's newest model.
A big date, moon phase, second time zone watch with a setting system allowing all setting to be done by the crown.
The mysterious window at the right shows which function is now being set.
In these pictures the "R" shows it is now set for winding (remonter).
Pressing the button in the crown advances through the different functions.
This is built on the Peseaux caliber used in the Observatiore.

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Thanks Don...

 By: pplater : March 22nd, 2010-14:59
... and congratulations to the lucky (foresightful) owner. What other letters appear in the 'mystery' window? Cheers, pplater.

Thanks DON

 By: aldossari_faisal : March 22nd, 2010-15:00
a beauty to admire. Faisal

Very nice.

 By: VMM : March 22nd, 2010-15:09
Nothing like the Observatorie, but very nice. I like it. He's got the receipt. Vte


 By: sidneyc : March 22nd, 2010-17:02
Great watch indeed!! What a lucky owner to have this in his collecion! Very smart idea to have that little button on the crown to switch between functions of the crown adjustment.

Apprrecite the nice pix

 By: Quan : March 22nd, 2010-20:16
is this a uniqur piece ?

Looks like so...

 By: sidneyc : March 22nd, 2010-20:24
... says on the case back.

I have seen a master piece of Kari....not this one

 By: CL : March 30th, 2010-17:19
but another one with full in-house movement, my jaw literally drops and it's just beyond words. Unfortunately I can't share...hope the owner receives it soon and share with us. Lovesss*CL

Wow...do tell...is it another Decimal Minute Repeater?

 By: tony p : March 31st, 2010-01:37
Or something else even more incredible? Cheers Tony P

Not A repeater ;-).....

 By: CL : March 31st, 2010-07:56
It looks like an Observatoire not it's not....it's simple and yet complicated...it's what I really want but yet to be able to afford..... it's definitely unique and truly BEAUTIFUL!!!!! As I'm describing it, I achingly want to have it *CL

Great looking watch.

 By: JerryW : April 4th, 2010-20:14
Alway like his productions. Thanks for sharing. JerryW