A groovy kind of blue

Jan 03, 2009,02:22 AM

When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do, is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue.

When you touch my wrist, oh I start to shiver, can't control the quivering inside.

Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me, got a groovy kind of blue.

Sung by Phil cen Collins with the help of Andersen band of Geneva.


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Lovely moonphase!

 By: MarcB : January 3rd, 2009-03:07

Stunning !

 By: DonCorson : January 3rd, 2009-03:21
That Andersen blue gold is very special. Enjoy... and thanks for sharing so we can enjoy too ! Don

Cen, you surprise me everytime. a superb dial, but........

 By: G99 : January 3rd, 2009-04:33
is it just me or is the IX the wrong way round? it shows XI at 9.

radial flip

 By: cen@jkt : January 3rd, 2009-06:48

What is blue gold?

 By: MarcB : January 3rd, 2009-14:12
Don, What exactly is "blue gold", and does any other watchmaker use it? Marc.

Blue gold

 By: DonCorson : January 4th, 2009-01:14
Hi Marc, Blue gold is a special 21k gold and iron alloy that was developed by the Geneva jeweler Ludwig Muller. Because of the iron portion of the metal it can be blued by heat treatment similarly to the bluing of steel screws. The iridescent blue layer t... 

Here is that link again

 By: DonCorson : January 4th, 2009-02:50
Don Corson visits Svend Andersen, Geneva click here or if that doesn't work, remove the space after http: below: http: //ahci.watchprosite.com/show-nblog.post/ti-383506/ Don

Thanks Don...

 By: MarcB : January 4th, 2009-03:09
...for the information about the alloy and the link to the prior post. The blue gold looks fantastic; it could be used for watch hands also I imagine. Marc.


 By: DonCorson : January 4th, 2009-03:46

Boss, your watches deserve a better camera

 By: SJX : January 3rd, 2009-08:01
You need to upgrade your photographic equipment. - SJX

Auw, shut up!

 By: cen@jkt : January 3rd, 2009-08:07
don't get me into another hobby. What you have done to me last year was comparable to the snake seducing eve. The rolex, the DR's, KV, DB, etc. Enough, young man!!! I believe the pics are fine Maybe you need to change your eyeballs or lower your standard ... 

Photoshop can make a difference but only marginally

 By: SJX : January 3rd, 2009-08:12
With your camera it's like a steel Daytona. With Photoshop it's like a steel and gold Daytona. With a better prosumer camera it's a gold Daytona. With an DSLR and macro lense, and Photoshop, it's leopard Daytona. - SJX

bla bla bla

 By: cen@jkt : January 3rd, 2009-08:16
You are just like Al Pacino in Devils Advocate. cen@jkt

The key point is...

 By: foversta : January 3rd, 2009-11:34
light. When the light is not good, it's difficult to take good pics even with a good camera. Your pics are nice but I'm sure you can improve them. Your post is welcome because it's a very rare watch. We appreciate it a lot. Fr.Xavier

Thank you.

 By: cen@jkt : January 3rd, 2009-11:48
You are a good moderator, the other one is evil moderator He doesn't take responsible for torturing me with the rolex daytona leopard. He's a dark purist that likes to torment and torture his prey. I used auto camera, macro function, soft colour, low ISO,... 

I can be evil too...

 By: foversta : January 3rd, 2009-13:14

You are wrong!

 By: cen@jkt : January 7th, 2009-07:50
You should get leopard daytona, sell it it, and buy steel daytona . And you still have the left-over for party in China. cen@jkt

Thanks a lot Cen for the pics.

 By: foversta : January 3rd, 2009-11:30

Moonphase indicator

 By: dxboon : January 3rd, 2009-13:59
Cen, what is the material used for the actual moonphase indicator?  It looks like abalone, or I suppose it could be thinly hammered metal of some kind.  Do you know?  As always, I'm loving the blue gold on these Andersen watches.   Thanks for the photos! ... 

I absolutely ...

 By: cen@jkt : January 4th, 2009-01:20
have no idea. Along with the blue gold. What the heck is blue gold. I just believe in Andersen and I knew instantly that it's a beautiful watch the moment they showed it to me Ignorant is (sometimes) a virtue cen@jkt

not moon rock

 By: amerix : January 4th, 2009-07:49

Cool watch, Cen.

 By: CaliforniaJed : January 3rd, 2009-14:24

Cen, please

 By: Quan : January 3rd, 2009-19:01