Observatoire Wallpaper and Screensaver

Mar 01, 2008,07:24 AM

I have here the Observatoire wallpaper for you to use on your desktop. Its being configured at 1600x1050 pixels to fit the largest widescreen panels. If you have smaller panel resolution, just simply configure it as your desktop image and set to CENTER and it should fit the whole screen nicely.


For those who would like a screensaver of my images of this watch, please download the ZIP file from THIS LINK.
Do note that this link will only permit 100 downloads and I will not renew it thereafter. The file requires a password to unzip. You may write me through the email I use here. After unzipping the file, simply right click and select "INSTALL".

When you write me for the password - PLEASE STATE in the subject line - "KARI VOUTILAINEN OBSERVATOIRE Screensaver Password"

(Please note that the file you are downloading is a passworded zip file. I will send you the password on the following conditions -
- state your name and purist handle (for identification)
- that you agree to my terms of use - which is you use it for yourself only and not pass it along, and you will honour the copyrights and not to use the material in it in any other manner than I intended without written permission from me. 
- that you will not hold me liable in for any loss or damage arising from the use of the screensaver.) 


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Some may prefer this alternative wallpaper

 By: Horolographer : March 1st, 2008-07:43

Stunning on a 22 inch screen.

 By: CTCT : March 1st, 2008-08:10
Thank you very much for the wallpaper. It looks very good seen from where I am sitting ;-)


 By: lourival : March 3rd, 2008-11:28
Can you send me a the password to install your Screensaver? regards Lourival

Please email me at this address...

 By: Horolographer : March 3rd, 2008-20:11
ht @ watchinghorology . com (leave out the spaces). Cheers Harry