Perhaps a world premier.....

Apr 16, 2007,14:38 PM

....but I'm not sure smile

The Cabestan working prototype, realised by Vianney Halter......

At the time I took the pictures, it wasn't working anymore , as it was dropped by somebody (no, not me ;-) ) - but all vital parts are  in there.

It's a fascinating piece of old style mechanics - to me it reminded me of a 19th century, industrial revolution, small "factory" for the wrist - some sort of mechanical  micro cosmos. 
One is almost looking for a small steam engine in there smile

What I was told, the Cabestan project will most likely not end up in the  "Vianney Halter" range of watches !

It's a really fascinnating piece, and not as large as it may seem (I know, that's an often heard comment even for some real "monsters" )  I guess it's the architecture, with the large transparent "hoods" here which makes it well suitable even considering the size.

Best regards

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simply AWESOME!

 By: SteveH : April 16th, 2007-14:47

I love it. (nt)

 By: ei8htohms : April 16th, 2007-14:58

I like this

 By: rhemphill08 : April 16th, 2007-18:06

Great concept but looks like a repair waiting to happen.

 By: DaveB : April 16th, 2007-19:57
The design looks to be very delicate. Not sure it will be able to survive daily wear. With that said - it's one hell of a design and execution. Thanks DaveB

Not so sure...

 By: DonCorson : April 17th, 2007-11:07

Hot, this watch is Hot!

 By: jasny : April 17th, 2007-04:19

Suitbert - Great Job!

 By: watchlune : April 17th, 2007-09:12
Please keep it comin'!! We can't get enough of the Basel pieces. As for the Cabestan, I read your post to imply the possibility that the watch may become part of "another company's" line, if not Vianney's. Is this just wishful thinking on my part?

My pleasure....

 By: SuitbertW : April 17th, 2007-09:32
....your kind words are very much appreciated! What I was told, Jean-Francois Ruchonnet, the designer and "father" of the project is now responsible for the future production pieces. At the moment it's not planned to be a Vianney Halter product in the fut... 

Thanks and futur vision

 By: jf ruchonnet : April 18th, 2007-12:28

Promize pictures...

 By: jfr : April 18th, 2007-13:16
Hi Suitbert, Well done for your pictures, you can have the collector of Cabestan and my personal email: [Email address suppressed for privacy] Best regards Edited to fix picture links - Suitbert This message has been edited by SuitbertW on 2007-04-18 13:2...  

holy moly

 By: SteveH : April 18th, 2007-21:42

I'm sure ...............

 By: Kurt Behm : April 19th, 2007-14:51