The Janvier Classique Lune et Soleil by Vianney Halter

Mar 13, 2007,00:55 AM

To mark the end of production of the original model
Classic, scheduled for late 2007, Vianney Halter is
launching a 12 piece model in platinum. Called the
Classic Lune et Soleil, Halter conceived this
timepiece to pay homage to a man who has been a huge
inspiration to him: Antide Janvier (1751-1835), as
well to to recognise and thank the team working with
him at La Manufacture Janvier in Saint Croix.


In the familiar round case of the Classic, here
enlarged to 40 mm, Vianney Halter has added a yellow
gold hand bearing the sun. This enables the wearer to
intuitively read both the normal time, indicated by
the blued-steel hands of the hour and minutes, and the
solar time which is indicated by the golden sun hand.
The difference between the blued-steel minutes and the
gold solar time indicates the Equation of Time.

The Equation of Time complication functions by means
of a special Equation of Time cam implemented into a
module on the original Classic's calibre VH 100.

The Moon Phase

In addition to displaying the solar time, Vianney
Halter implemented an indication of the moon phase by
means of a very special double hand.

These double hands complete their rotation of the dial
in 29 days and 12 hours and therefore display a very
precise phase of the moon. So precise in fact that it
will take four years for the moon phase to be out by
just one day.

One hand of the pair displaying the moon phase bears a
white gold disk representing the moon. This disk is
gradually uncovered and covered as the moon waxes and
wanes by a black disk carried on its own hand.

This moon phase complication functions by means of a
special snail shaped cam implemented into a second
module on the original Classic's calibre VH 100.

Small seconds and Mysterious Mass rotor

With five hands - Hours, Minutes, EOT, Moon Phase and
Moon Cloaking Disk - coaxial to the central dial for
maximum ease of visibility, Vianney Halter decided to
off-set a small seconds in its own sub-dial at the top

On the back of the watch, one can see the hallmark
Mysterious Mass automatic rotor fitted to all of
Vianney Halter's automatic movements.

Setting by Almanac (astronomical tables)

Winding, setting the time and adjusting the moon phase
are all controlled by the normal crown. A a second
crown on the back of the watch adjusts the Equation of

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Nice watch, I like the implementation of the moonphase...

 By: JGV : March 13th, 2007-04:33
although it is not that precise. It has the same precision as a standard 59-toothed wheel, isn't it? Do you have more information about the mechanism, the black hand needs to swing back and forth while completing the 29.5 day rotation, right? I am not a b... 

I think there might be a small mistake in the press text, regarding the solar time ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : March 14th, 2007-01:45
If the sun hand is set to the solar time, the difference between the regular time display and the sun hand is by no means the equation of time. The regular hour and minute hands indicate the so-called civil time, as legally introduced in a specific countr... 

Ah, so if I understand you correctly you assume...

 By: JGV : March 14th, 2007-02:17
the owner of the watch can set the solar hand himself. If the owner sets the true solar time correctly for a certain longitude, and the watch 'knows' the EOT, the watch will indicate the true solar time correctly just as long as the owner stays on the lon...