Dufour Simplicity Vs. Patek 5053 (officer's watch)

Mar 27, 2005,08:08 AM


I am new to posting on this board even though I've been reading it for a while. I am considering buying a Simplicity 37mm, guilloche dial and WG. I have been in contact with Mrs Dufour and have agreed on a price and delivery ("sometime 2008") etc.

However, there is a part of me that tells me to be more practical and buy the PP 5053 (officer's watch) in WG.

I know that you cannot compare the two in terms of workmanship but how about practicality, wearability, maintenance?

What do you guys think out there? ...especially people who've bought a Dufour or are waiting for one. Did any of you ever have any such or other concerns?

Many thanks.


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Practicality, wearability, maintenance...

 By: SteveG : March 27th, 2005-09:09
I am most fortunate to have both these watches, and I will try to address your questions as best I can, in some order. Maintenance: I would expect both to be decently durable considering they are not 'sport' of hard-usage designs. Still, either would like...  

I should have mentioned that

 By: SteveG : March 27th, 2005-09:09
Chopard's proprietary L.U.C. movements are also gorgeous and fabulously finished, IMVHO, quite a joy!...  

Didn't Dufour and Parmigiani have major hands...

 By: Shostakovich : March 28th, 2005-01:13
...in the design of the Chopard movements ? -- D. Shostakovich

parmigiani and Dufour both worked on the firts LUC movement but

 By: alex : March 29th, 2005-07:07
the Philippe Dufour working there was not THE Philippe Dufour

Is this true ?...

 By: Shostakovich : March 29th, 2005-12:24
...Dufour was not "Dufour" ? Interesting.

It is Dufive!

 By: watching : April 1st, 2005-05:05

to steve g

 By: constantine : March 27th, 2005-11:11
one more thing steve, which has a thicker case; i know the patek has 9.5mm but how much is the dufour? i get the feeling it's a bit thicker. thanks again!

to SteveG

 By: constantine : March 28th, 2005-05:05
hi steve, i am sorry i am being a pain but may be you know the answer: you mentioned that the pp 5053 is 9.5mm thick and the simplicity 6mm. what is the thickness of the pp 5196? i am just trying to put the thickness into perspective here and the 5196 is ... 

According to Wristwtch Annual, the 5196 is 6.8mm thick, I have no

 By: SteveG : March 28th, 2005-05:05
firsthand experience. This makes some sense, the movement is apparently about .75mm thinner, and there is no sapphire back and of course no back cover. Also and FWIW the 1.96 Chopard is listed as 7.75mm thick.

thanks steve!

 By: constantine : March 28th, 2005-06:06

A picture comparison of thickness:

 By: SteveG : March 28th, 2005-08:08
As I look at this picture, the differences seem to be the extra bit of 'secondary bezel' on the Patek (top), perhaps a bit on the main case body, and some more on the back bezel (to be expected, with the swing-out back on the PP). One might also note that... 

sorry, the pic is here:

 By: SteveG : March 28th, 2005-08:08

thanks a million steve!

 By: constantine : March 28th, 2005-11:11

email sent.........nt

 By: SteveG : March 28th, 2005-12:24