We don't host videos

Jan 12, 2021,08:38 AM

You have to put it on YouTube and then we can display the video.
Or some other host and put the link into your post.

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 By: terbaboom : January 12th, 2021-03:59
captured this with my phone when off work yesterday ...  

Fantastic picture!

 By: ronhan : January 12th, 2021-04:13

thanks, Ronhan!

 By: terbaboom : January 12th, 2021-07:02

Who won?

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 12th, 2021-04:16

lol - too cute

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 12th, 2021-07:39

Very cool!

 By: Gwai : January 12th, 2021-04:45
There's a cat who owns the street to my office, looking just like yours. No reptile foes, though. Only the odd squirrel. Cheers Marc

thanks, Gwai!

 By: terbaboom : January 12th, 2021-07:10
there's hardly anybody around the office these days and i guess it has become an "urban jungle" of sorts

Excellent action photo! Tiger "loves" lizards, it's a shame they don't feel the same about him

 By: cazalea : January 12th, 2021-05:36
AND with my encouragement and intervention, he let the lizard go. Sometimes they get "broken" when he plays with them, which upsets Tiger. ...  

thanks, Cazalea!

 By: terbaboom : January 12th, 2021-07:15
seems like Tiger just wants to be friends i actually recorded on video what happened, but it seems i can't share video here?

We don't host videos

 By: cazalea : January 12th, 2021-08:38
You have to put it on YouTube and then we can display the video. Or some other host and put the link into your post.

I love Tiger

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : January 12th, 2021-08:35

Excellent photo...

 By: cshimokita : January 12th, 2021-07:07
The intensity, the raised paw, the defiance... The mystery, the next moves, the outcome. Casey .

thanks, Casey!

 By: terbaboom : January 12th, 2021-07:21
here's the outcome ...  

What a duel! Who won?

 By: amanico : January 12th, 2021-08:23

the cat won

 By: terbaboom : January 12th, 2021-17:08

A few times various scrapy dogs tried to win a fight with my pet raccoon. One was an unleashed Afghan 5 times "Moon's" size (I had her on a leash). Confrontation was over

 By: InDebtButOnTime : January 12th, 2021-17:50
in less than 10 seconds. Semi domsesticated raccoon the winner. In the end though I would not recommend a raccoon as a pet! A wonderful pet until her first heat cycle, after that the wild animal in her took over. All I can say is never underestimate the c... 

Poor lizard.

 By: amanico : January 12th, 2021-23:58

Absolutely, poor lizard

 By: Geo : January 17th, 2021-06:55
There are so many cats around these days, lizards have no chance anymore. We will regret at the end, when it is too late.


 By: amanico : January 17th, 2021-09:38

What a catch

 By: Quan : January 12th, 2021-22:27
by you and the cat......good one

thanks, Quan!

 By: terbaboom : January 15th, 2021-06:45