Case Needs Cleaning

Jan 02, 2021,09:10 AM

I was hoping to use this brown loaner watch for one of our Seiko walks, but the chrono wasn't working properly. The Start/Stop button was sticking down. So off to the bench we went.

Ooh. Dirty. Even the gasket! This was a many-years-ago eBay find which was very nice on the outside but hadn't had any internal attention.

Now reversed in the holder, strap then movement ring removed so I can get the pushers out. Notice the unusual case shape. And the column wheel mechanism.

No wonder they were sticking!

I did some preliminary cleaning on the pushers and decided the recessed cavities needed a lot of attention too.

As this is an exterior sort of effort I didn't want to remove the movement from the case and put everything into the ultrasound machine. I had run out of toothpicks and pegwood in my office, so I cut up wooden Q-tips, shaved them with a blade, dipped them in lighter fluid and used them to scrape out the debris. There was quite a lot inside gumming up the works. Please ignore all that other stuff cluttering my bench.

Looking much better now.

I lubricated the moving surfaces of the chrono pushers and bearing spots on the levers.

My main lubrication stash. The oils and greases used vary by the purpose of the part.

It works great now, and resets much more smoothly.


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Beautiful Seiko bullhead...

 By: Horology75 : January 2nd, 2021-22:05
Mine hadn’t gotten the chance and wrist time in 5/6 years. I need to pull it out of the locker soon ... ...  

How long might it have been..

 By: Ronald Held : January 4th, 2021-09:45
Without any cleaning or maintenance?