Bulgari Donates Over USD27 Million to SAVE THE CHILDREN

Apr 14, 2014,01:09 AM

With the addition of this new jewel to its collections, Bulgari aims to save 50,000 newborn children and their mothers through life-saving healthcare services in poor, conflict-affected countries and in emergency situations. Bulgari’s financial commitment significantly improves the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised children in 23 countries on four continents.

Rome, April 4 2014 – On the occasion of its 130th anniversary and to boost its support for Save the Children, Bulgari is proud to announce the launch of a new silver and ceramic Save the Children pendant, with the ambitious goal to generate an additional €1 million to save children lives.

To date, the enormously successful sales of its specially designed Save the Children ring have helped raise over €20 million (us$27 million) in donations for Save the Children. The sum exceeds, by far, the ambitious objective set in 2009 when the partnership began, and both Bulgari and Save the Children believe the new pendant will be an exceptional addition to the cause.

Bulgari decided, in 2009, to take action on behalf of disadvantaged children around the world, as too many children are unable to attain their own aspirations because the lack of education perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Partnering with Save the Children, Bulgari launched a campaign of unprecedented ambition and scope in which part of the proceeds from the sale of Save the Children jewelry – custom designed by Bulgari– are donated to the charity.

Inspired by the iconic B.zero1 jewellery line, the special collection comprises a ring, launched in October 2010, and the new pendant, launched in April 2014.

The collection is available in Bulgari stores worldwide, select department stores, and on Bulgari’s website (in the US and Japan) for €420 ($480) each for the ring and the pendant, of which €75 ($100) are donated to Save the Children. After almost five years, the partnership has developed into a strong and long-term relationship.

In the projects financed by Bulgari, Save the Children provides quality education. It focuses on the children most difficult to reach, while tackling the growing problem of urban poverty. With the additional proceeds from the sale of the new pendent, Bulgari expands the scope of its activities and focus on health by supporting Save the Children’s life-saving interventions for the most vulnerable children, the newborns. Bulgari’s new focus was inspired by some shocking statistics. Every year, 2.9 million babies die within 28 days, while a million die on the first day of their life. An additional 1.2 million babies are stillborn each year, their heartbeats stopping during labour because of childbirth complications, maternal infections and hypertension.

Over the past decade, the world has made amazing progress in reducing child mortality – nearly halved from 12 million to 6.6 million – thanks to global political action on immunisation, treatment of pneumonia, diarrhoea, and malaria, family planning and nutrition. But this progress could stall without urgent action to tackle scandalously high numbers of new-born deaths. Bulgari has decided to take a stand in this global effort, saving the lives of 50,000 babies and their mothers, with a financial commitment of €1 million.

As Claudio Tesauro, President of Save the Children Italia observes, “The partnership of Save the Children and Bulgari is a source of continual satisfaction, and establishes unprecedented standards with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility. We’re proud to have them with us for this new fight to save lives of thousands newborn children and their mothers. From an economic standpoint, Bulgari’s donation marks a highly ambitious threshold, probably never before achieved in the luxury sector. In addition to representing an extraordinary financial commitment, this partnership distinguishes itself from others for its global approach, in terms of fundraising and the range of nations involved; the number of children who benefit from it, particularly the most vulnerable and overlooked; the active involvement of Bulgari employees; the artistic direction of famous photographer Fabrizio Ferri; not to mention the unsolicited participation of countless international stars from the worlds of entertainment, sports and the music industry. A further reason for our deep pride in this initiative is having personally witnessed our collaboration with Bulgari grow day by day, generating a reciprocal enrichment of both parties based on the shared values of prioritizing quality and innovation in every undertaking, with the strength and determination to achieve the best possible results.”

Jean-Christophe Babin, Chief Executive Officer of the Bulgari Group, concludes, “Moving forward, I would like to see the time, commitment and resources that we have devoted to this unique partnership with Save the Children become more strategic and integrated. In 2014, the new Save the Children pendant intensifies our contribution and funding. It is my heartfelt belief that aligning common interests across our two worlds and cultures will not only enhance Bulgari’s corporate reputation and Save the Children’s philanthropic reach, it will also make all of us even more passionate and committed about what we do.”

To close the loop between the sale of the pendant and ring, and Save the Children’s final beneficiaries, a select number of employees from the Bulgari sales force have, over the years, been given the opportunity to experience first-hand how difficult life can be for under-privileged children and how much of a difference Save the Children can make for them. Since 2011, a number of field trips has been organised to visit Save the Children projects in Albania, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Uganda, along with domestic programs in Italy and the US. The life-changing impressions of the Bulgari staff following these trips confirm the importance of this initiative, both in cultivating a sense of belonging and in injecting the fundraising efforts for Save the Children with greater enthusiasm.

The donation of €75 /$100 from every purchase of a B.zero1 ring and pendant makes an important impact on a child’s education and life. As an example, €75 / $100 can provide:

– Tables and benches for six children to attend their classes in the Ivory Coast
– A meal a day for four months for one child attending the kindergarten in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan
– A week’s treatment for five seriously undernourished children in Sub-Saharan Africa
– Audio System for one school so children can listen to rhymes and stories, and learn better in India
– 30 quality books on early literacy for children aged 2-6 in rural China

– One mini-library and two didactic kits with letters and numbers for 15 young children in Albania
– Six mosquito nets in malaria-affected areas like Sub-Saharan Africa

Some pictures of the new celebrities supporting the project ....

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