Part 2 :press conference and live pictures of the 5235

Jun 23, 2011,11:38 AM

The press conference presentation was presented by Nicolas Boule, the designer of the new movement. The theme was how Patek have managed to combine tradition with innovation. What is clear is that this is a radical new piece from Patek..but more later, for now join me in the presentation smile



a re-engineered cal.240, with a longer 60h power reserve and WR to 30m.

classic annual calendar display, first seen in the Annual calendar Gondolo

a first for Patek..... stop seconds!

classic calatrava style, reminiscent of the classic 3448/3450 with the "dagger" lugs

no polishing here,...for the first time, brushed straight grain finishing

engraved buckle...

the dial certainly "wears" very large..... not a watch for the shy,

a new version of the classic annual calendar, and along with the minute repeater and chronograph

the new technologies, and the first standard production to feature all of them

the new going train, with increased efficiency and reduced wear

more advances, in the intorduction of stop seconds smile

and now


the live pics!!


The regulator will definately raise many views, some will love it some thing is for sure, its a powerful watch. I also believe this is a watch made for collectors, certainly I do not think this will be a mainstream big seller, apart from watch nuts the regulator will have little or no significance. Perhaps for this reason, I believe the piece would have been better as a 38.5mm watch, but thats subjective, as even many of us here love extra large watches.




and finally

the man behind the movement..


and his boss...... smile


hope you enjoyed the toursmile
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Patek Philippe Ref. 5235: Part 1, A league of firsts

 By: Miranda : June 23rd, 2011-11:05
On the 22nd.June, 2011 Patek officially launched their new ref.5235. The new reference breaks new ground, and is a catalogue of firsts for the company. The first , first is the fact that it is the companies debut wristwatch regulator. Indeed, for collecto...  

Well, I am not a big fan of Regulators nor Annual Calendars ...

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2011-11:15
So, I guess this watch is not for me... In fact, I have regrets, here: I would have dreamt to have a stop second PP watch for some chronometric purposes, with a simple, sober, understated look, ala PP Amagnetic from the end of the Fifties... Without Date.... 

What exactly is a "stop second wristwatch" and...

 By: doublesix : June 23rd, 2011-11:31
What is it's function and significance? Sorry if this is an ignorant question!

hacking seconds.. :) [nt]

 By: Miranda : June 23rd, 2011-11:32
No message body

So the seconds hand of a PP does not hack...

 By: marcelo : June 27th, 2011-13:05
...when you adjust the time?

At least my PPs' second hands can be "manipulated" manually..

 By: KIH : June 27th, 2011-16:28
... by reversing just a tiny bit the minute hand. The second hand, then, stops or even goes backward a little so you can adjust the second. I forgot where, but I have read that it does not do any harm to the movement. So, practically, non-hacking of PP mo... 

Part 2 :press conference and live pictures of the 5235

 By: Miranda : June 23rd, 2011-11:38
The press conference presentation was presented by Nicolas Boule, the designer of the new movement. The theme was how Patek have managed to combine tradition with innovation. What is clear is that this is a radical new piece from Patek..but more later, fo...  

imran ...

 By: small-luxury-world : June 23rd, 2011-11:51
you are the best Thanks for sharing with us! In general I am not a big fan of regulator´s, but in this case ... warm feeling in the stomach ... some beautiful and subtle details (don´t talk about the strange engraving on the buckle) ... some int... 

A quite low positioned crown ...

 By: COUNT DE MONET : June 23rd, 2011-12:05
Ceraitnly due to the modular built movement, but I wonder if this one will be comfortable to wear. The 5396 has the same, slight "issue", but in that case it is just acceptable. Wonder how it will be with this one. As you are saying correctly: it is somet... 

Imran, Thanks for all your pics and detailed report

 By: : June 23rd, 2011-14:36
I may be in the minority but my first impression is positive. Without seeing it IRL I would have to reserve my judgement but I think PP has created a watch for collectors rather than buyers( if that makes sense). I think they have created a winner here in... 

Beautiful movement but ...

 By: ling5hk : June 23rd, 2011-15:57
the dial gives me an unpleasent look with the two window near 2 and 10 o'clock. Further, the dial is too plain. Regards Ling

your pics really capture its scintilating colors

 By: playtime : June 23rd, 2011-19:07
this really has an intellectual's really growing on me. thx for sharing J

Patek meets ETA ....

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 24th, 2011-00:29
No, not technically, of course! But it is fun to see that while the date ring retains the typical PP typography, the numbers at the minute markers perfectly replicate the classic typographic style that ETA uses on its date rings since decades. Generally, ... 

Thanks Imran!

 By: Davo : June 24th, 2011-01:50
Great post! Very impressive new release. I'm a big regulator fan. This one actually reminds of Sinn's 6100, which I love. Well done, Patek!

hot stuff...

 By: Stefan : June 25th, 2011-05:03
... think it will be up in auction house sooner or later. stefan

I didn't like the man behind the movement's outfit

 By: marcelo : June 27th, 2011-13:09
Maybe an indication of why I did not like the watch design.

I didn't like his shirt & tie combo.

 By: marcelo : June 29th, 2011-05:14
Too blingy for PP, IMO

Ok I see! :-) nt

 By: Dje : June 29th, 2011-12:53

Thank you Imran/ really nice movement

 By: Mostel : June 30th, 2011-20:44
The movement is my favorite part of the watch, but that's a real compliment. The case is also really fantastic in these live pics. I just can't stand the annual calendar display here... these windows are just WRONG on this watch.... I don't like the date ... 

Finally, A Patek with STOP SECONDS!

 By: BluNotte : July 3rd, 2011-23:13
Hi there Imran, Totally enjoyed your tour , especially the details mate. Very much in appreciation. Ahh, now you see the Swiss finally admitting that the stop seconds function is needed for " Precise time setting". It's about time and i'm so with you on t... 

The first of its kind BUT not the primus inter pares ...

 By: COUNT DE MONET : June 23rd, 2011-11:42
... is far to Bauhaus-like, which is nothing for me. Yes, it is technically great. Yes, it is blue and very discreet in appearance (although still big ;-)). But the design overall: naaaaah ... Regards Moritz

forgot: ta much for the post! [nt]

 By: COUNT DE MONET : June 23rd, 2011-11:47
No message body

Thank you Imran

 By: Dje : June 23rd, 2011-12:25
Hi Imran, Thank you for your report. I would have loved to attend this conference. I'm rapidly getting used to this watch and can say I'm quite tempted to put it on my wrist ASAP. I would have prefered the dial lettering "Patek Philippe Geneve" split diff... 

The dial looks very unbalanced to me.

 By: foversta : June 23rd, 2011-12:53
The big empty space on the left, the date which cuts the scale, the overall sadness... this watch is far from bringing excitement to me. Thanks for the pics Imran. Fx


 By: Bruno.M1 : June 23rd, 2011-14:15
thanks for the report ! I'm still not sure if I like it or not It's so special I need to get used to it.

This to me ...

 By: fernando : June 23rd, 2011-18:21
is like when I first saw the Zeitwerk from ALS or the more recent tourby PLM which is also a regulator. A bit radical and an immediate 'what have they done'; more like IWC than PP. However, change is never easily accepted and it could be a risky but darin... 

almost teutonic

 By: playtime : June 23rd, 2011-19:09
a real cool and collected demeanor--very daring--and seems a real departure for Patek! I'm happy to see them taking risks--all the more interesting J This message has been edited by playtime on 2011-06-23 19:09:55

That beat rate...

 By: tee530 : June 23rd, 2011-19:41
Thanks for the detailed introduction and the informative photos. Any significance behind the 3.2 Hz beat rate? 6.4 beats per second, or 384 per minute? How did the designer come up with that and what is supposed to be the advantage? Tom

Thanks, Imran, for injecting some fresh air to the forum

 By: JamesWirral : June 23rd, 2011-20:20
Great article. Well done.


 By: happyguy1688 : June 23rd, 2011-20:32
Frankly, this watch looks like an IWC Portuguese Regulator and the design of the buckle is just...

So amusing that you wrote this.

 By: dxboon : June 23rd, 2011-22:29
The first thought through my head when I saw this was, "Patek for the IWC crowd." I'll check the watch out in person before snapping to judgement, but my first impression on the dial side is not that favorable. I do find the movement very attractive thoug... 

Thanks a lot for this great report !

 By: Georg : June 23rd, 2011-23:01
For me, it was love at first sight, when I saw this watch in the PP mag. Your report taught me a lot about this beauty. Thank you very much!! Best regards Georg

Excellent post, Imran!

 By: dxboon : June 23rd, 2011-23:04
Thanks for your efforts in bringing us this latest from Patek. I feel rather like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde about this watch. I reserve the right to change my mind after seeing it in the flesh, but at first glance the dial underwhelms on so many levels -- t... 

SOmething is not right

 By: justindependent : June 23rd, 2011-23:51
Is it me of does this watch feel a little soul-less. It feels to me like its lacking the passion here. And also it doesnt feel like a Patek for some reason. Reminds me somewhat of an IWC. This one not for me, though I do like the idea of annual and regula... 

5235G – My view …

 By: small-luxury-world : June 24th, 2011-03:13
First of all it is great that there is a new watch from PP that is polarizing. It doesn´t happen that often, does it? Dial view : To me it shows some of the most beautiful details which have been shown from PP in the past. For example the asymmetric layou...  

Thanks a lot for this post !!

 By: Georg : June 24th, 2011-04:17
Great comparison, all in one post - perfect! Good thing, I ordered the 5235, the day I got the PP mag, looking at the competition, it was the right decision. My AD told me, I will get it by the end of this year. Best regards Georg

My pleasure Georg.

 By: small-luxury-world : June 24th, 2011-04:38
@Georg - I assume I know where you ordered your watch, at a small AD with a very well knowledged and passionated lady PM was not possible, because you prefered not to get any. Gruß Oliver

apt analysis:) [nt]

 By: playtime : June 24th, 2011-05:16
No message body

Nice Oliver.

 By: -RWK- : June 25th, 2011-00:53
Best, -- Richard.

I wondered if it was true ...

 By: Mark in Paris : June 27th, 2011-13:40
Some clues came out lately about this watch and I wished it was true, I find it very appealing and I think I find this dial finish more appropriate in that case than in the 5270. Thanks for this fantastic report ! Best, Mark

Thanks for the info Imran!

 By: sidneyc : June 24th, 2011-03:57
I have to say the live pics look much much better than the previous picture of it in the Patek magazine... However it still looks a little unbalanced to me, but I now don't dislike it that much! Give it more time and I might actually warm to it!

A beautiful regulateur...

 By: chaser579 : June 24th, 2011-04:44
And bravo to PP for such an interesting dial and movement layout and design. I like it, a bit different (isn't that true of a regulateur, after all?), and the complete date function/display is informative and pleasant to look at. Thanks!..... =:^{D>

What is suggested retail price?

 By: bobscamp : June 24th, 2011-09:46
I like the look and features of this watch.

Thank you Imran

 By: ChristianDK : June 24th, 2011-15:27
What a great report. Text, pictures - all very well done. If this watch is showing new strokes from Patek, I'm optimistic. The movement has really exciting features and the case and dial design is very done! Even MSRP seems fair for once! I'm not a fan of... 

Look out the window? ;-)

 By: : June 24th, 2011-20:56

Nope! ...Give it a 24 h dial

 By: -RWK- : June 25th, 2011-01:02
g Cheers, -- Richard....  

I love this watch, but a 24 hour dial would be just WOW.

 By: Aussie : June 25th, 2011-13:34
Thierry Stern you are my hero !!

Great Report Imran!

 By: -RWK- : June 25th, 2011-00:59
This is indeed an interesting piece. Having 24 h fever...I wish it came with a 24 h dial like this Regulateur ;-) Best, -- Richard....  

There is one...:-)

 By: iim7v7im7 : June 25th, 2011-12:55
Not in the same league, but since you asked.......  

I like it!

 By: -RWK- : June 25th, 2011-21:47
Thanks, for posting. 24 h dials are my favorite, along with the Triangle with 2 dots. Cheers, -- Richard....  

Not really the first hacking Patek: 5959 and 5170 did already...

 By: COUNT DE MONET : June 25th, 2011-02:39
... but I suppose you mean being not a chrono. Some more thoughts on this piece: nice to see a larger movement that will create a better case/movement ratio in comming watches. Possibly the warmer tone metals will win me over as this first one, which is a... 

I wish they would get with it and make all their pieces hacking

 By: -RWK- : June 25th, 2011-10:12
How else is one suppose to set the watch precisely? -- Richard.

But as time is money and vice versa: it all does not count, if it comes to a Patek!

 By: COUNT DE MONET : June 25th, 2011-12:07
This is why I choose a Patek with two hands over a three hand. One exemption also here again: the lovely, lovely 5140 with its seven hands. But you are right, it is actually not really understandable when Patek talks about precison without giving theire t... 

I like your take on this Moritz

 By: BluNotte : July 3rd, 2011-23:18
It's precisely the same way as i view it. And hey, i do believe that the way you test your 2 hands watch is the same way i do mine! How have you been doing? Trust all is well! Stephen

Hello Stephen! Danke, gut! ...

 By: COUNT DE MONET : July 4th, 2011-05:59
Hopefully you have settled well and things are all up and running. Yes, to test a two hand watch is truely something for the demanding enthusiast. Cool to hear that you have the same philosophy. Also: congratulations to your 118 grams of Cartier in form o... 

Wow, Silinvar parts...

 By: gsouder : June 26th, 2011-14:45
This message has been edited by gsouder on 2011-06-26 14:47:46

Thank you Imran

 By: Mostel : June 26th, 2011-15:42
The movement is VERY PRETTY. The annual calendar windows are just... always going to strike me as awkward... slanted, with font seeming too big for the windows... the dial as 'contrived' as it is really cool.... but it clearly has very strong Patek DNA...... 

I am sure this will be loved by many

 By: KIH : June 26th, 2011-16:04
... but to me, the size does matter. If I would love this, I would have owned MANY IWCs already Nonetheless, the innovation inside is worth mentioning. Kudos and congratulations to the PP lovers! Ken

LOVE it!

 By: VMM : June 27th, 2011-03:03
That's a handsome watch with a fantastic movement. Thanks for sharing. Vte

The temptation of redesign...

 By: heartbreaker : July 1st, 2011-23:01
Thank you Imran for your excellent report! I think the Ref.5235 is a very important innovation from PP, something like a true milestone in the Manufacture's history. But... the temptation of redesign is too powerful to resist, so... here's my proposal (so...  

Your version ...

 By: small-luxury-world : July 1st, 2011-23:32
looks well balanced, but I still prefer the original version because of the "spice". Most of the regulator dials are great in function but somehow boring after a while, at least for me. Thanks, for your temptation. Oliver

... temptations ...

 By: small-luxury-world : July 3rd, 2011-01:42
... here we go: Me and my son (You know: It doesn´t belong to you ... ) still prefer the original version, followed by number 2 or 5. Cheers Oliver...  

#5 is good, but ...

 By: Georg : July 3rd, 2011-02:59
... is no annual calender. The original is still the best imo. Best regards Georg


 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 4th, 2013-03:53
...I have come to the realization that this needs to go on my wishlist? But WHERE is it? Or more accurately, WHEN is it?

The first one who has a clue wins a bunch of Patek goodies :)

 By: Mark in Paris : May 4th, 2013-05:03
I was thinking of it lately and I'm as willing to have the answer as you are baron.

The watch really grabs me...

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 4th, 2013-05:04
.....but i suspect it is at least another year

Me too ...

 By: Mark in Paris : May 4th, 2013-05:07
otherwise I think they would have started again communicating about this ref.

my AD just returned from Basel and said...

 By: GLau : May 4th, 2013-07:00
... that I will not get this watch this year and he heard nothing about timing of delivery


 By: alexcc : May 4th, 2013-08:51
also confirmed this. He also said that Patek directed all dealers to return deposits to customers with no indication when watch will be available

Baron, you are not alone ...

 By: small-luxury-world : May 4th, 2013-07:58
There is lots of love for that watch and the same amount of (open) questiones. Whenever/whomever I ask, there is no official statement at the moment. Just was told one version is on the wrist of Mr Stern at the moment. Well, haven´t checked his wrist - so... 

Oliver, a while back I did see the "sample" not a "simple" watch...

 By: GLau : May 4th, 2013-09:47
... for the 5235 (without the 260 movement) at the PP Salon at Tiffany and it looked really good !!

I know, I know ...

 By: small-luxury-world : May 4th, 2013-10:24
I have seen it more than once and like it a lot. "Simple watch" - that was just a thought/dream of an additional watch which is based on the cal. 260 as well.

A generic question...

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 5th, 2013-04:13
The 5235 has, it seems, polarised opinion. I tend to think of Patek as a classic and very traditional watchmaker who has remained true to certain principles. In many wats, this 5235 represents some departure from the classic "thinking". It is more retro f... 

Probably not for me

 By: dr.kol : May 5th, 2013-04:54
I tried to lear to use a VC Malte Dual Time Regulator for years. No success. I realized that we do not check the time from the watch but things like "how much time I have till...". For this kind of purposes a regulator is not the best possible. It might s... 

The 5235 is the archetypal Patek for me

 By: Miranda : May 5th, 2013-06:36
The 5235 is an overload of (I hate this expression but probably sums up nicely what I mean) DNA Everything from the style if the case (vintage 3448) to the engraved enamel markers (vintage ref 130) What this does is combine the DNA into a first : a regula... 

Ok, radical....i get that...

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 5th, 2013-07:15
.....but is it so radical that the "archetypal" Patek owner looks at it and thinks.....""

Urhmmmmm no……I think the traditional Patek owners can't wait to get their hands on it

 By: Miranda : May 5th, 2013-08:08
What may not appeal is the way you tell the time as it messes your brain But then for a lot of Patek owners won't be z problem As in the safe no one can hear you scream....... Lol :)

I agree with Imran...

 By: GLau : May 5th, 2013-11:26
... I adore the traditional Patek watches, and still really need to have the 5235 on my wrist !! What do other Patek owners think ??

Still waiting ...

 By: Georg : May 6th, 2013-02:01
... for mine to arrive. I heard that mr Stern senior was wearing one, but I am not sure, whether or not I can believe that. Best regards Georg

Thierry was wearing at basel but only to check if still keeping time

 By: Miranda : May 8th, 2013-12:32
Untill timekeeping issues resolved Won't be released Best Imran

Mine just arrived!

 By: Conkers : November 15th, 2013-18:29
Check out the other thread. In the flesh I am gobsmacked, I just absolutely love it. The wait was well worth it.