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Review-Patek: The new Patek Philippe Seal

 By: Dje : March 31st, 2009-15:56
The subject of the drop of the Geneva Seal by Patek Philippe has been out for months now. It is now official and we know more about what is to come, even if not all yet. The criteria of the Geneva Seal were observed by Patek Philippe for more than a centu...  

RE: Geneva Seal

 By: jpitsch : April 1st, 2009-13:33
From what I have been told, the Geneva Seal was never the sign of the best quality, just a symbol that the quality is up to the standards of the watches produced in the Vallee de joux.

Cool. Raising the bar.

 By: Z3 : April 10th, 2009-13:37
We do see more and more brands / models with Poincon the Geneve, and the prestige of it has worn out somewhat.