Basel 2008 news: Patek Philippe 5396 in white gold

Apr 06, 2008,01:22 AM

The annual calendar reference 5396 issued two years ago in pink gold is now followed by a white gold version.



The watch is still as gorgeous as it was in pink gold, taking perhaps a more modern look in this new tint.



That watch is a winner in terms of design and apparently it is supposed to be in terms of sales too.



No dial variation so far! This one sells well enough.



That should be my everyday Patek Philippe……





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I like it...

 By: JediWatchFool : April 6th, 2008-09:28

Font on the dial

 By: Bob L. : April 10th, 2008-07:57

A splendid classic !

 By: DrStrong : April 9th, 2008-09:36