Calibre 303....

May 05, 2012,23:05 PM

Dear all, just wondering if there is a successor to the Diagono cal 303 yet? Saw the watch recently and was really attracted to it. While thinking am curious if there is a successor to it already or in plan? 

It's got a beautiful dial and very nice bracelet not forgetting the f.piguet 1185.


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 By: Capitan_Marcus : May 6th, 2012-11:18
There are two versions, did you have the chance to take a look at the one with a thinner case?

I didnt know there is 2 version...

 By: Jacky : May 6th, 2012-11:38
Hi, good day. The one I saw has a white gold bezel and a beautiful partial cotes de geneve dial. Upper dial is blue or grey cant remember. I thought the case and bracelet is very refine. Just wondering if there is a new version coming up soon or not. Than... 


 By: Capitan_Marcus : May 8th, 2012-06:21
YOu saw the first one, in my opinion the best thant the new one. The new one has a trimmered bezel and has no parts in white gold...If you have a chance ask about the one with the blue dial, as seen that you like special dial, due to the Gefica you have..... 


 By: Jacky : May 9th, 2012-09:05
Indeed I do appreciate some special dials, different color and designs etc...I think I know which blue you are indicating A beautiful one with blue bone leather strap as well. They are beautiful watches. Anyone with a wristshot or just any live photos of ... 


 By: Capitan_Marcus : May 10th, 2012-17:57
The pics of the new or the classic version? Ill post them soon..wait...

Perhaps this may help :-)

 By: Kong : May 10th, 2012-21:31 Kong

Thanks alot...

 By: Jacky : May 16th, 2012-08:43
Hey buddy, Thanks alot for digging the old thread. That helps a lot, the shots side by side and details.... Beautiful shots as usual. I think i prefer the older version better like what was mentioned by Marcus. Blue dial is indeed very unique. Regards