Let's celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Lange One with a contest !

Jun 16, 2014,12:05 PM

The 24th of October, 1994 remains a very important date in the history of watchmaking: the rebirth collection of Lange & Söhne was unveiled. 4 watches symbolized the beginning of a new page of one of the most prestigious brands in the world: the Tourbillon PLM, the Saxonia, the Arkade and of course... the Lange One!

To celebrate this milestone, Lange & Söhne proposes us to participate to a photo shooting contest with a beautiful prize, a dream for any Lange fan: an invitation to the Gala event in Dresden the 24th of October with all the travel and accomodation costs paid by Lange & Söhne!

Please find below some extra details:

- Each contestant is allowed to send in a maximum of 4 entries. The main rule: a Lange One (or descendant like the Daymatic, the PC Tourbillon, the Grand Lange One etc...) has to be on the picture!
- Please post images with a width of 1024 pixels for better viewing with any device
- When the contest closes the15th July, a selection of 8 pictures will be made.
- Then a specific thread will be launched in order that any PuristSPro member vote to choose his fav pic and to pick the winner among the last 8 contestants.
- Lange & Söhne and PuristSPro reserve a right to use the photograph(s) in publicity related to the contest
- The timeframe of the trip to Dresden is from the 22nd of October to the 25th of October
- Lange & Söhne will take over all the travel costs

So time is coming to prepare your cameras and... your Lange One watches ! Don't forget the deadline: the 15th of July!

Good luck to all the contestants!


PS: should you need more details, please don't hesitate to write me.

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Bravo, that is a great reason and way to celebrate!

 By: small-luxury-world : June 16th, 2014-12:24
I am sure the celebration will be something very special :-) Thanks! Oliver

I'll start the ball rolling..

 By: fernando : June 16th, 2014-20:25
with my amateur wrist shot of the Darth. :) cheers fernando ...  

Mug shot of my Lange 1 Soiree:

 By: techniec : June 17th, 2014-04:02

Very nice!

 By: patrick_y : June 19th, 2014-01:54
Nice piece!

Thank you, Patrick ! [nt]

 By: techniec : June 19th, 2014-04:37

disappointed that contest limited to Lange 1s

 By: aardvarkbark : June 19th, 2014-06:49
What proud loyal Lange owner wouldn't want to win an all expenses paid trip to Dresden and join the celebration? 1994 marked a turning point for the company that one way or the other resulted in any contemporary piece. Plus, it would be fun to see all the... 

I understand your disappointment but...

 By: foversta : June 19th, 2014-11:51
the event is dedicated to the celebration of the Lange 1! Sure that other Lange watches will be under the spotlights later! Fx

Uh oh. Photographers must be amateurs, not professionals...

 By: patrick_y : June 19th, 2014-10:06
Does that mean our esteemed amateur photographers who are so good they would pass as professionals will not be able to participate? No, I will vouch for them that they are not true professional photographers.

Awesome shots ! I believe it's the same model that I have ...

 By: techniec : June 20th, 2014-06:49
110.030 (Soiree), correct ? Off topic: do you have any idea as to how 'rare' this version is ? Many thanks and BR, Pieter

Thanks, Pieter! Although I am not up on the

 By: SteveG : June 20th, 2014-09:15
references, they certainly look identical to me. Back when I purchased mine, it was as I understood specifically sold through Sincere watch, and production was limited. Obviously when this version became available internationally production must have incr... 

L1 in Mother of Pearl

 By: rld : June 20th, 2014-11:54
Steve, When you write "2003 (2 years post my purchase)" are you saying that you bought your watch in 2001? That would not be consistent with CR's table. In his table the ref. 110.029 (WG with "plain" mother of pearl) was issued in 2001 and the guilloche m... 

There is no question I purchased

 By: SteveG : June 20th, 2014-12:17
my "1" in 2001, I originally posted the pictures above as part of my article in October, 2001. This is why I credit the notion that the guilloche version was originally produced especially for the one prominent retailer prior to general distribution.

& further, according to a table recently posted

 By: SteveG : June 20th, 2014-12:28
on another site production of my watch would seem to be firmly in the year 2000.

in fact,

 By: SteveG : June 20th, 2014-13:07
although you can no longer view my posted pictures, if you visit this link: :/ and search for this date/format: 10/25/1 - 05:12:33 there is the reference to my posting these pictures (even though the link leads to an archived version of another site, perh... 

L1 Mother of Pearl Guilloche Version Introduction

 By: rld : June 20th, 2014-14:11
Sounds pretty clear that the Ref. 110.030 was introduced no later than 2001. I will alert CR to adjust the date in the table.

Clarifications about the table/year and "Soiree" name, and a Question....

 By: CR : June 20th, 2014-21:18
Thanks guys for prompting me to clarify/correct this info in the table (and thanks for your wonderful photos over the years, Steve -- I hope you've been well). I too purchased a model 110.030 prior to 2003 (in very early 2002 -- it came from one of the fi... 

Beyond thread drift, I know,

 By: SteveG : June 21st, 2014-06:53
(& my family and I are well, thanks!) I noticed that the archived page and post I referred to above was actually something else, my article was a few pages of posts earlier, but the pictures in that specific post are perhaps more of interest, being Peter ...  

Ah, a blast from the past - thanks Steve! And a question...

 By: CR : June 21st, 2014-12:49
I remember those photos from years ago. Very cool stuff!! I should've asked this question at the Lange manufacture (and measured the case thickness of a "Little Lange 1"), but I forgot. I should email Lange about this. The Lange 1 110.029 and 110.030 MOP ... 

saw these superb (!) shots on tz...

 By: aardvarkbark : June 20th, 2014-18:48
makes one wonder what if same person wins on both sites...

One winner per site. :-) [nt]

 By: foversta : June 21st, 2014-00:38

try 2 ...

 By: techniec : June 22nd, 2014-13:49

My two cents...

 By: claudetsai : June 23rd, 2014-21:52

try #3 ....

 By: techniec : June 26th, 2014-12:34
backside shot, showing off the beautiful movement: [URL=] [/URL] Cheers, Pieter ...  

Here's another.

 By: fernando : June 28th, 2014-18:19

Thanks a lot Mr Academician! ;-) [nt]

 By: foversta : June 29th, 2014-11:28

Good luck to the participants!

 By: Tricolore : June 28th, 2014-21:14
Too bad I couldn't participate... I do not own a Lange :(

Just try!

 By: TMReds : June 28th, 2014-22:07
This is my only Lange! ...  

Second try!

 By: TMReds : June 28th, 2014-22:20
I love Macro photos of my LANGE. ...  

Third try!

 By: TMReds : June 28th, 2014-22:29
I usually enjoy photos myself. This opportunity is important for me. ...  

my lange 1 submissions...

 By: yming : June 30th, 2014-07:20
Not sure if I can submit to both watchprosite and timezone.. but I guess no harm in getting more coverage... :) The focus is on the "20" for the 20th bd bash... customary shot of the movement.. Thanks for looking... ...  

Thanks a lot for your pics! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 1st, 2014-12:42

I play.

 By: Vilit : June 30th, 2014-21:42

My 2nd play

 By: Vilit : July 2nd, 2014-05:45

Celebratin the 20th anniversary of the Lange 1

 By: Indigoblu : July 2nd, 2014-12:46
Certainly will not be the most beautiful photos, many forum writers have engaged in more poses built or researched. I simply wanted to commemorate the launch of the Lange 1 through the history of Dresden and Saxony in general, the cradle of skilled watchm...  

I like this piece of history!

 By: Seeks : July 3rd, 2014-08:01
Dear Indigoblu I like this piece of history! Many thanks for posting! Kind regards -- Seeks

Thanks a lot for your pics ! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 3rd, 2014-11:58

Fourth and final attempt

 By: techniec : July 3rd, 2014-13:57
[URL=] [/URL] Cheers, Pieter ...  

close-up crop ....

 By: techniec : July 4th, 2014-12:14
[URL=] [/URL] Cheers, Pieter ...  

Picture 1: The Lange 1

 By: andreaseck : July 5th, 2014-06:41
The Lange 1 Gruß Andreas ...  

Picture 2: The Lange 1 Zeitzone

 By: andreaseck : July 5th, 2014-06:44
The Lange 1 Zeitzone ...  

Picture 3: The Lange 1 Daymatic

 By: andreaseck : July 5th, 2014-06:45
The Lange 1 Daymatic ...  

Picture 4: The Lange 1 Mondphase

 By: andreaseck : July 5th, 2014-06:47
The Lange 1 Mondphase ...  

Question about the Lange 1.....

 By: Tiggermelad : July 6th, 2014-20:25
I do not (yet) own a Lange but am trying to learn more about the brand. I want only a few watches, but I like watches which are classic models which stick closely to the original (even if they are subject to minor cosmetic updates). For example I have a R... 

no change.. But..

 By: yming : July 7th, 2014-04:05
Looking at the movements of newer lange 1, i have noticed that the opening to view the click was changed from a circle to a kidney-bean shape.. Rgds yming

Yes, it is correct.

 By: foversta : July 7th, 2014-12:25
Only some very few minor changes. We can say that the "classic" Lange remains the same. One remark however: the very first Lange One had a solid caseback. Fx

I thought I would give it a shot

 By: 4Js : July 8th, 2014-13:29
I am a big wrist shot believer, and my collection of Lange focus on the icons from the past, with a bridge to the future with the Zeitwerk. I am missing one key piece, Mr. Walter's PLM, but my chance of landing that one is slim and none. So here is my ent...  

Thanks Joe for this mosaic! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 9th, 2014-12:02

Lange 1 Cellini LE

 By: Allen : July 9th, 2014-22:30

What a trio, WOW

 By: 4Js : July 10th, 2014-03:58
Congrats on the family. Just outstanding Best Joe

Thanks Joe! [nt]

 By: Allen : July 10th, 2014-23:16

This is a nice and rare trio. Congrats!

 By: small-luxury-world : July 10th, 2014-06:51
The L1 "Cellini" in Pt with luminous hands was a LE of 25, wasn´t it? Cordially, Oliver

My first entry

 By: bogdan_fondrea : July 10th, 2014-08:20
Here is my first entry and I hope you like it! Lange 1 (Montegrappa ink well, Conway Stewart fountain pen and Ettinger wallet) ...  

My first entry [nt]

 By: bogdan_fondrea : July 10th, 2014-08:21

My Entries

 By: colton_d : July 11th, 2014-12:48
I thought about this, and wondered if I should try setting up something with more clarity or depth.. but then came to the realization that no other pictures could capture the moment better than these of my Darth while standing in front of the Semper opera...  

Thanks Colton!

 By: foversta : July 13th, 2014-01:11
From where did you take the first pic? Fx

Any Lange is made for telling the time.

 By: Citizen Vintagecitizenwatches : July 12th, 2014-00:08
Lange Time is the perfect Time! ...  

Thanks for the pic! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 13th, 2014-01:12

My Timezone1

 By: mark1958a : July 12th, 2014-09:36
Timezone 1 Timezone 1 ...  

Thanks for your participation! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 13th, 2014-01:12

One more entry for the Lange 1

 By: Citizen Vintagecitizenwatches : July 12th, 2014-11:50
This one is a little different, but I hope you will find it interesting. It is one of my favorite. Lange 1 is such a beautiful watch and looks really good both in real life and in pictures. ...  

My second image

 By: mark1958a : July 12th, 2014-17:38

My third submission

 By: mark1958a : July 14th, 2014-20:28
One more ...  

4th submission

 By: mark1958a : July 14th, 2014-22:50

20 years Lange 1...

 By: timlua : July 12th, 2014-21:27
entry 1 ...  

entry #2

 By: timlua : July 12th, 2014-21:29

entry #3

 By: timlua : July 12th, 2014-21:31

entry 4

 By: timlua : July 12th, 2014-23:20
[URL=] [/URL] ...  

And one more

 By: Citizen Vintagecitizenwatches : July 13th, 2014-11:21

My Lange 1 Entries

 By: t_tanaka : July 14th, 2014-07:56
Words cannot express the balance, perfection and beauty of the Lange 1 ...  

Here are some shots

 By: Seeks : July 14th, 2014-08:05
#1, separated by a century or so, with still the same DNA ...  


 By: Seeks : July 14th, 2014-08:11
# with something from my kid's homework :) ...  


 By: Seeks : July 14th, 2014-08:21
#3 GRAND LANGE 1 Lumen ..again ...  

L1 MOP #1

 By: vic93 : July 14th, 2014-08:52


 By: vic93 : July 14th, 2014-09:23


 By: vic93 : July 14th, 2014-09:26

Than ks for the pics! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 14th, 2014-09:58


 By: vic93 : July 15th, 2014-08:16

My friend's chocolate shot

 By: berceuse : July 14th, 2014-18:04
I'm sorry that I don't have any Lange 1, but my friend has this beauty. ...  

Thanks for this chocolate view! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 15th, 2014-12:11

Lets try this

 By: Jokoh : July 15th, 2014-00:35
Lange 1 ...  

Thanks a lot for your pic! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 15th, 2014-12:11

Great contest!!

 By: TourbiLeon : July 15th, 2014-08:27
I had a lot of fun making my entries for these contest. Now I present you the crown of my collection and one of my ever favorite pieces: My Grand Lange 1 in Rose Gold: (It´s somewhat a pity some details are lost due to the image resizing.) Still, fingers ...  

Here are my 3 submissions

 By: T. Tam : July 15th, 2014-10:17
Thanks for looking. Regards, Tom ...  


 By: stevet : July 15th, 2014-18:36
Ok, so here is my attempt at a creative photo shoot with my first Lange...the white gold, blue dial L1. Five years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Walter Lange at a dinner event and he asked me about my collection. When I told him that I owned a blue d...  

Thanks a lot Steve! [nt]

 By: foversta : July 16th, 2014-15:22

My entry

 By: Luc Whissky : July 15th, 2014-21:06