black or blue big date?

Mar 15, 2014,04:02 AM

Nice to have the choice!

It is one of the features of the Lange 1 PC Tourbillon Handwerskunst: its date figures are blue!


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The blue date is beautiful

 By: 4Js : March 15th, 2014-05:23
As I understand each is hand painted. That provides an owner such a wonderful experience. The color, at least from your pictures, looks unique. How about a blue strap to coordinate? I would love to see this piece in the metal. Best, Joe

"black or blue big date?" As much as I like ...

 By: small-luxury-world : March 16th, 2014-14:11
the idea, the blue and the way it is done, your post sounds too good to be true. The blue big date (I guess) is only available together with one specific watch, isn´t it? Oliver