Part 5: Richard Lange "Referenzuhr"

Jan 22, 2010,04:48 AM

The Richard Lange "Referenzuhr" is a LE of 50 pieces in Pt and 75 in PG. The purpose of this watch is to allow to set the time with accuracy thanks to a zero restart function.

In order to take advantage of this function, the dial has a big second hand sub-dial.

The watch has a case diameter of 40,5mm, a thickness of 11,2mm.

You will notice the special architecture of the caliber with the presence of wheels over the 3/4 plate.

I must confess I don't like a lot this Richard Lange. The dial seems unbalanced to me due to the small size of the power reserve indicator.


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SIHH 2010: Lange (comprehensive report)

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:18
The SIHH 2010 was very busy for Lange: new calibers, new complications, new material, a new lay-out for the booth... I propose you to browse all the novelties through several posts. So, ready to enter the booth? Fr.Xavier This message has been edited by f...  

Part 1: the booth

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:31
The booth had a different lay-out than the 2009 one. Last year a big part of the layout was dedicated to an exhibition with a beautiful exploded view of a 3D caliber. But the watchmaker was a bit lost in the corner of the room. This year, directly in the ...  

One of my all time favourites ...

 By: small-luxury-world : January 22nd, 2010-07:59
on Jan´s wrist: Oliver...  

Part 2: Homage to F.A.Lange (Tourbograph, Lange 1 Tourbillon and 1815 Moonphase)

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:45
The Homage to F.A.Lange collection is of course a tribute to F.A.Lange but also a tribute to 3 previous LE watches. It is composed by 3 watches: Tourbograph (50 pieces) Lange 1 Tourbillon (150 pieces) 1815 Moonphase (265 pieces) They all feature honey-col...  

FX your report is ...

 By: small-luxury-world : January 22nd, 2010-05:18
the cream on top. Very well done! Thanks for all your efforts. Especially the movement pictures of the 1815 Moonphase are gorgeous. Looking forward to see/read Part III, IV, ... Oliver

What a lovely watch is the 1815 Moonphase!

 By: marcelo : January 22nd, 2010-06:39
I'm sure it's a breath taker

Thank You FX for such wonderful images :-)

 By: CL : January 22nd, 2010-08:42
As for the watch, I think I'm not liking the guilloche . It somehow feels wrong in those watches, looks like trying a bit hard. *CL

Between the old and new, ...

 By: wso : January 22nd, 2010-23:48
I think I still prefer the old 1815 moon phase. The only reason I would consider the new 1815 moon phase is if it were based on the new 1815 movement. The Emil Lange RG and black dial still speaks to me a lot. Thanks FX for the nice pics. I truely enjoy t... 

Part 3: Daymatic

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:47
The Daymatic is not a mere evolution of the Lange One. It features the first automatic caliber with a central rotor, the power reserve indicator is replaced by the retrograde day of the week indicator and of course, the layout of the dial is a mirror view...  

I agree with you, Xavier.

 By: marcelo : January 22nd, 2010-06:40
The rotor of the Daymatic is pure joy for the eyes

Days of the week

 By: aaronm : January 22nd, 2010-06:58
Are the initials of the days of the week the same in German as they are in English or are they initials for the English week? A

The display backs are just unbeatable.

 By: BABKA : January 22nd, 2010-22:47
Thanks for posting the pics!

The YG version is sublime

 By: moc : January 23rd, 2010-02:31
Thanks FX for your efforts and report I really appreciate your enthusiasm.Yours,Mo.

But how, then I was sit 2 hours side of you, i could miss this watch...

 By: pifpaf : January 23rd, 2010-16:38
This great rotor is crazy. In fact, I'am a dunce that copy bad trough your Shoulder FX. Greats pics!

Part 4: 1815 Chronograph

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:47
So, here it comes, the new version of the 1815 Chronograph. Seeing it again is not a surprise. A "more simple" chronograph was not present in the collection and with the reintroduction of the 1815 in 2009, that's logical to discover this new version at th...  

Perfect reintroduction!

 By: peregrino : January 22nd, 2010-08:51
The new 1815 chrono is, for me, the most desirable watch from this years SIHH. Normally I shy away from chronographs because of their cluttered dials filled with information, I tend to fall for "less is more" kind of watches. That always annoyed me becaus... 

I'm liking this new 1815 Chr...

 By: CL : January 22nd, 2010-08:53
It looks very elegant in RG, super simple.and to the point with no clutter. It may take a bit to get use of it but the enlarged sub dial sure looks 'correct'. The only nit picking , why won't they change the crown to the size of Dato??? A manual wind watc... 

it was now or never...

 By: kkhazen : January 22nd, 2010-11:20
.... to hope having the 41.9mm case in a lange chrono. I guess that the dato is too much of an icon to be touched. So we are stuck with the DS... forget about the date... and let's start putting money aside Karim

When i see the comparaison, i thinking that the tachymeter scale was loose at the profit

 By: pifpaf : January 23rd, 2010-16:40
of the aperture of dial that is best on the new version...

Part 5: Richard Lange "Referenzuhr"

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:48
The Richard Lange "Referenzuhr" is a LE of 50 pieces in Pt and 75 in PG. The purpose of this watch is to allow to set the time with accuracy thanks to a zero restart function. In order to take advantage of this function, the dial has a big second hand sub...  

Just about the best shots I have seen about this piece so far...

 By: BluNotte : January 22nd, 2010-06:10
Thanks for this Xavier! I know you don't like this piece alot, but do you think you can help answer one of my questions that I have about this piece? Now, seeing that when you press the push-button at 2 o'clock and the seconds hand resets to zero, BUT the... 

My understanding.

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-09:34
First of all, it is very important to keep the movement running. Because when you stop it and start it again, the balance wheel needs several seconds to get the right amplitude and so, you loose accuracy during this period. My understanding to best use us... 

Ah yes i know about this phenomenon...

 By: BluNotte : January 22nd, 2010-15:45
Monsieur Journe mentions it as well when i asked why doesnt any of his movements hack. What do you mean by the "right position" Xavier? I understand about pressing the button when the exact time reaches 60, but that applies solely to the small seconds han... 

I love PR indicators, but this one really did not fit well in the RL.

 By: marcelo : January 22nd, 2010-06:41
Also, the “real” RL is the ultimate dress watch, IMO.

I agree with you....

 By: BluNotte : January 22nd, 2010-06:45
But then again, i don't think that the RL was ever conceived to be a dress watch, we just made it to be! Looking back at Lange's ideas when creating this masterpiece, the more "ugly" it gets, actually the more it becomes closer to what it is meant to be, ... 

Something is amiss ...

 By: wso : January 22nd, 2010-23:44
In my opinion, one distinctive feature of the RL is its centre sweep second hand. It is a pity that it is not here anymore. I like the PR for its practicality but it sure does cause some imbalance. If I were to re-design this watch, I would keep the centr... 

Great point W! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : January 24th, 2010-15:16
No message body

I m sorry for the lovers of this watch but

 By: moc : January 23rd, 2010-02:41
the more I look at it the uglyer it becomes,It looks like an amateur designer 's 2 year old son organized the dial.....pure yaK!Where is the sweeping second hand that made the RL such an example of understated beauty,what about those 2 umbalaced dials?!?!... 

My friend.....

 By: PinkPanther : January 23rd, 2010-03:48
I have to disagree with you on the L31.... I think that it is beautiful..... the problem with it is, at least from what I heard, that there are some issues with the the price... Cheers


 By: moc : January 23rd, 2010-07:18
tried the 31 only once and it requires a lot of strength .Its a big slob of platinum there but above all it was the dial layout that didn t do it for me.That small PR does bother me.I much prefear more slender Lange...Thats also why I don t like the Doubl... 

Part 6: For the Ladies !

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:49
The Ladies are not forgotten with the "Little Saxonia". Funny thing is that this "Little Saxonia" has the same diameter (34mm) than the original Saxonia which was released in 1994. The caliber has a power reserve of 45 hours, the dial is faced with MOP an...  

I just showed my gf these pics.

 By: Davo : February 10th, 2010-04:10
Big mistake. Now she wants me to buy her one! God help me...

Part 7: Saxonia Annual Calendar

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:50
When we look at the Watches Industry, we realize that the Annual Calendar complication is not so usual. We think about Patek, about GP and it starts to be a bit more complicated to find other examples even if, of course, there are several ones ! This Saxo...  

Georgeous. I love this annual calendar [nt]

 By: emcquillan : January 22nd, 2010-10:52
No message body


 By: kkhazen : January 22nd, 2010-11:36
... like if everything was too perfect, each detail where it must to be. Too rational... Then we start looking for the little "je ne sais quoi" that makes a watch a success. Personally i didn't find it. Too germanic maybe... I'd say "jst" a nice watch .. ... 


 By: moc : January 23rd, 2010-02:44
just perfect,probably the most convincing Lange this year.A watch with a pourpose and extremely well designed.Bravo ALS!this is quality.Mo

Part 8: Zeitwerk Luminous

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:51
This one is the UFO of the collection. The Zeitwerk Luminous is a LE of 100 watches with a platinum case and a char-coal grey dial. The ability to see the wheels beneath the dial, the indirectly illuminated, reflection-coated numerals, all these details g...  

I LOVE [nt]

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 22nd, 2010-04:59
No message body

Great report and very nice pics Xavier

 By: samwan : January 22nd, 2010-05:57
and a well balanced perspective too... Thx. Sam

Outofthisworld!! [nt]

 By: kkhazen : January 22nd, 2010-11:18
No message body

Stunning! And so cool.

 By: Davo : January 23rd, 2010-13:36
I want!

I have sames difficulties with this watch than with the skeleton tourbillon of Panerai

 By: pifpaf : January 24th, 2010-07:58
PAM348, cause this is interresting watches, but is don't I except from this kind of brands... I see that more in independant watchmakers.

Part 9: Other novelties

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:52
In this part, I would like to present you a comeback and 2 evolutions. The two evolutions are the for the Double-Split and the Datograph Perpetual which now have a combo PG & silver dial. For these two watches, the roman numerals were removed which is a g...  

The Grande Lange 1 luminous looks huge on your wrist, Xavier!

 By: marcelo : January 22nd, 2010-06:44
Is it 41,9 mm? Regards, Marcelo

Eternal classics

 By: moc : January 23rd, 2010-02:47
I love the DS in Gold even if not a big fan of the watch itself.The GL looks terribly cool...beautiful re-styling.I love it.Mo


 By: Davo : January 23rd, 2010-13:37

Part 10: Conclusion

 By: foversta : January 22nd, 2010-04:53
The SIHH 2010 was very busy and active for Lange. Some may think that Lange has presented too many novelties. But what I see in my humble point of view is that the energy is back. Of course, I was not seduced by each and every novelty but clearly some are... 

Thanks FX

 By: cisco : January 22nd, 2010-06:38
Great report on this marvellous brand, the more I look at it, the more I understand your love for Lange. For me many things: first no great surprise like a sport or a musical watch even if the Zeitwerk Luminous is quite original. But there is no disapoint... 

GREAT report! [nt]

 By: ocwatching : January 22nd, 2010-09:11
No message body

My conclusions: 1st... Thank you for the gr8 post!

 By: kkhazen : January 22nd, 2010-11:57
Very grateful for the amount of time u've put into it. Plus i tend to agree with u overall, except that i am little disapointed. If u compare Lange's novelties with let's say JLC, its clear that Lange needs 1 thing: DARING. And that doesn't mean ruining a... 

Thank you, FX

 By: KIH : January 22nd, 2010-17:31
I am kinda overwhelmed. - I agree that Annual Calendar is a welcome addition and it is about high time they did and my favorite this year. - I also agree that I liked the old 1815 CHR better But I am curious how the current owners would react (I no longer... 

Agree with you, FX

 By: amanico : January 22nd, 2010-23:17
Some fresh air is blowing at Lange, and not only because of the Zeitwerk Luminous. I wondered the same thing about the new 1815 Moonphase, but I think that it is so aesthetically different from the first version that the E. LANGE owners won't be offended,... 

Great series of posts, FX!

 By: dxboon : January 23rd, 2010-01:40
I'm so impressed by the Zeitwerk Luminous. I fell hard for the original Zeitwerk when it was released, and I love what Lange has done with the Luminous. The watch feels very fashion-forward to me. It's nice to see Lange pushing the boundaries of their com... 

Thank you...

 By: PinkPanther : January 23rd, 2010-02:00
for a great presentation..... My two initial conclusions are: a. I like the new 1815 chrono better, a cleaner look..... b. the zeitwerk is truly great but I think that its price is too high for the complication..... However I would like to see all the mod... 

Thank you FX again for this

 By: moc : January 23rd, 2010-02:54
Always a pleasure to read you report and heartfelt comments.Yours,Mo.

Great post, FX! Thanks for sharing. [nt]

 By: Davo : January 23rd, 2010-13:38
No message body

Great report and fantastic pictures. Thank you.

 By: cc : January 24th, 2010-15:43
Super report FX. In response to your query as to how current Emil Lange owners might react to the new 1815 Moonphase, being as I am one, I'll give my two cents worth. As Ken stated in his post, I also feel that the original 1815 Moonphase was probably the... 

A minute repeater will come...

 By: BluNotte : January 24th, 2010-16:33
One day! And when it does, boy oh boy, what a Lange it shall be! Thanks for the wonderful report and job done Xavier! Appreciate your work! Stephen

Many thanks for your report FX

 By: dedestexhes : January 22nd, 2010-05:31
It is as if I was there... br, Dirk

Indeed, very comprehensive.

 By: kkhazen : January 22nd, 2010-05:47
... thanks for the clear post. Especially that with all the browsing i did, i missed the DS in Rg! Which is something i was waiting for lange to make. Karim

Thanks FX for these posts. I want to see the 1815 moon phase in the flesh

 By: patrickh : January 22nd, 2010-06:14
and I think it will be on top of my list for 2010. Thanks again, Best, Patrickh

Up there with Patek, Vacheron...

 By: chaser579 : January 22nd, 2010-12:59
No doubt about it, those Germans know how to make very, very nice, classy watches. Practical and stylish, yet out of this world. I'm impressed. =:^D

What a comprehensive report FX!!

 By: sidneyc : January 22nd, 2010-14:08
Thank you so much for spending your precious time to share with us these jewels! I hope you enjoyed the show immensely! My favourites out of this is still the 1815 Chrono and 1815 Moonphase. I really liked the way Lange decorated their homage collection, ... 

Excellent report foversta! [nt]

 By: DRMW : January 22nd, 2010-15:57
No message body

Xavier, thank you for such a marvellous insight............

 By: Topcat30093 : January 22nd, 2010-20:35
To the new models. For those of us who couldn't make it, it was the next best thing. My two favourite pieces were 1) 1815 Chronograph - I am so pleased that they have made the dials slightly larger and I like the cleaner looking dial. 2) The Annual Calend... 

Thanks FX

 By: tahoeblue : January 22nd, 2010-21:46
for the wonderful report, and all the time invested to put attend this event and put together these pictures and post. A banner year for Lange, with fantastic range of new watches. Nothing else from SIHH seems to merit much attention by comparison. A few ... 

Brilliant report, FX!

 By: Gary G : January 22nd, 2010-22:48
Thanks so much for this -- the 1815 Hommage is my favorite, but many other offerings to like! Best, Gary G

Thanks for the report FX...

 By: SLPW : January 23rd, 2010-05:53
your pictures are great and it was a pleasure meeting you again in Geneva ! Regards, Stefan

Thank you!!

 By: manitouman : January 23rd, 2010-06:18

What a plethora of noveltes

 By: MTF : January 24th, 2010-00:58
FrX, Thanks for the comprehensive report. I tend to agree that here were too many 'novelties' to appreciate properly. Some of the subtle differences between the colour variations of rotors were missed by me. Perhaps I am biased but the best offering seeme... 

Fantastic report. Thanks.

 By: VMM : January 24th, 2010-04:13
Great pictures. Vte

Thanks for a very visual and enjoyable report

 By: bywee134 : January 24th, 2010-16:56
Thanks FX for this report. I wasn't aware of the event, but your report has reminded me why I bought myself a Lange 1 in the first place. I am now very tempted by the new 1815 chronograph. I couldn't stop admiring its elegance and beauty.. it will definit... 

Dear FX

 By: rwk : January 25th, 2010-03:18
Many Thanks for your excellent report on the 2010 Novelties from our friends at ALS. You have out done your usually above normal reporting! Best regards, -- Richard.

Thank you all for your kind words ! [nt]

 By: foversta : January 25th, 2010-11:41
No message body