After a very long hunt, she's finally home...😊

May 23, 2024,19:22 PM

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Thank you 🙏

 By: Ivan5 : May 23rd, 2024-20:00

Thank you, sir

 By: Ivan5 : May 23rd, 2024-20:00

Bravo! Well worth the effort I am sure

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 23rd, 2024-20:04

Not the honeymoon starts!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 23rd, 2024-21:06

Indeed! Thank you

 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:11


 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:12

That is stunning. What reference?

 By: MDT : May 23rd, 2024-21:04
White gold or ?

Thank you. Stunning piece. Enjoy it!!!

 By: MDT : May 24th, 2024-02:23
I am enjoying looking at it

Thank you kindly

 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:13

Nice choice

 By: Aquaracer1 : May 23rd, 2024-21:08
Congrats and enjoy!


 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:13


 By: Dimardi : May 23rd, 2024-21:28
Huge congrats! Enjoy!


 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:13

Such a beauty. Worth the wait I’m sure.

 By: gary_g : May 23rd, 2024-22:19
Congratulations and wear it in good health.

Thank you so much

 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:13

For sure, it is.

 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:15

An absolute classic with the iconic micro-rotor.

 By: Rhyzen : May 24th, 2024-00:32
Congratulations, and more wrist shots please!

Happy to oblige

 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:30

Wow this is a gem

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 24th, 2024-01:32

Thanks 🙏

 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:32

Monster watch!

 By: MiguelFlash : May 24th, 2024-18:47

Thank you 🙏

 By: Ivan5 : May 25th, 2024-13:33

A simply stunning piece. Congrats, Ivan5.

 By: aviya : May 26th, 2024-09:54
Enjoy every moment with her.


 By: Ivan5 : May 27th, 2024-22:10

Congrats!!! Great pairing with your other Platinum

 By: Darron : May 30th, 2024-18:17
Beauties!!!! Mine says hello ...  

An awesome shot, my friend!

 By: Ivan5 : May 30th, 2024-21:56
This piece keeps on giving back...

Love this one with the pusher!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 31st, 2024-21:49

Thanks TCF, the pusher is quite handy

 By: Darron : June 1st, 2024-14:44
And I absolutely love it’s convenience when I don’t where it for awhile.