La Tradition Fusee Tourbillon

Nov 14, 2010,15:01 PM

Hi All,

On my recent visit to Hong Kong I was able to enjoy the two versions of the La Tradition Tourbillon, the original YG and the more recent Pt version (Ref 7047PT). While I like the La Tradition in YG because of the historical associations, the anthracite grey tones against the Pt case give the watch a technical and modern feel that is in keeping with A.L. Breguet’s design philosophy. This is a superb update.

My initial concerns about proportion still hold, particularly after wearing the original proportionate ‘simple’ La Tradition, but I must say that this watch has grown on me for the treasures found inside. The height is still uncomfortable, and puts the watch in the realm of an ‘exhibition tourbillon’ – along with the Gyrotourbillons from JLC – something to be worn to make a statement, rather than a daily watch that I could easily integrate into my lifestyle. But the industrial design of the Pt version, the large titanium balance wheel and cage, silicium hairspring and fusee and chain are just superb.

Fernando kindly showed me around some of the local Boutiques and was quite taken with this watch as well; it looked even better on his wrist than mine! A watch I would love to own for those ‘special occasions’.


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I love this watch

 By: Hororgasm : November 14th, 2010-23:10
I used to hold similar views to you about YG and the association with pocket watch, leading me to take a very narrow view and writing off WG and Plat versions of both the 7027 and 7047. I have since then grown to "accept" the rather industrial look, if no... 

shape of bridges

 By: tictactimes : December 11th, 2010-06:40