Breguet 5907: 510 vs 511

Apr 18, 2022,13:08 PM

Hi all

I’ve been reading up on a few watches that have caught my eye, one of which is the Breguet 5907. As understand it the 5907 was made with two movements: originally it came with the Cal. 510 and later with the Cal. 511. The main differences between them seem to be:

1. 95-ish hour power reserve on the 511 vs the 72-ish hour reserve on the 510.

2. Flat bridges on the 511 vs the “scooped” bridges on the 510.

3. 28,800 VPH on the 510 vs the lower 21,600 on the 511.

4. I’m assuming there are fewer watches in circulation with the 510 vs the newer 511.

5. The crowns are larger on later models, but this seems to be an upgrade that Breguet will undertake when the watch is serviced.

So the pros of the 511 seem to be the neater aesthetics of the flat bridges and the greater power reserve, with the pros of the 510 seeming to be (theoretically) greater stability / accuracy due to the higher VPH and (presumably) greater rarity.

Is that a fair summary, or is the 511 superior to the 510 in other ways (or vice versa)? Put another way, if choosing a 5907 would you always choose the 511 over the 510 and if so, why? I’d appreciate your thoughts.



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Welcome to WPS, Jimty!

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : April 19th, 2022-02:32
I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. That's a lovely Breguet you are looking at. It's been out of production for some time, but if you google it, you'll find a few posts here on WPS about it. One of those threads discusses the movements. The earli... 

Thank you! Breguet 510 vs 511

 By: Jimty : April 19th, 2022-08:19
Thanks Dr. Tabby - much appreciated, and “buying the seller” is sage advice. Regarding the movement, that’s the first I’ve heard that the 510 was from JLC - I’ll certainly look into that more closely, as I’ve also read that both the 510 and the 511 were m...