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Interview with Julien Marchenoir, VC's Heritage Director

 By: WHL : April 26th, 2012-20:39
While I was in Switzerland during the week of April 16th I had the pleasure is sitting down with Julien Marchenoir, Vacheron Constantin’s Brand Equity and Heritage Director. Our hour long discussion was largely focused on vintage watches. PuristSPro: Plea...

Great interview, Bill.

 By: respo : April 26th, 2012-21:02
I am delighted you had the opportunity and time to do this interview. In his role at VC, Julien is really an important figure for our favorite brand. I love that VC is offering restored pieces for sale. The hunt for a vintage piece is fun, frustrating, re...

Patrimony Contemporaine is ghosting in my mind

 By: dr.kol : April 26th, 2012-23:41
However, even I love this watch, I have a big problem: is it unnecessary big? Always when I see the watch, my heart starts beating faster. At the same time I rented a bank vault 3 years ago when I moved to Estonia and my YG, WG and PG versions have not vi...