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Antiqua wearing impressions

 By: DonCorson : September 24th, 2011-15:00
Antiqua wearing impressions (with new photos) by GaryG Well, it's only been a week, but I have been wearing the Antiqua the great majority of that time and have made a loooong list of wearing impressions. I hope that you are not getting "Antiqua fatigue" ...

This watch is fantastic.

 By: docsnov : September 24th, 2011-18:59
I loved it the first time I saw it. I thought it was large like others, as you cannot always tell how big a watch is from photos. The styling makes me think it would big. The fact that it is about 38mm makes it that much more attractive. The rivets, porta...

Very enjoyable read and a most quintessential GG

 By: timerider : September 25th, 2011-12:51
piece, right down to those crazy great pictures of yours--3D without the glasses! I have always loved this watch, takes me back in time. I think this was Captain Nemo's watch and if you look real hard through one of the portholes, you will see the shadow ...

Gary, you must get the winder box!!!

 By: COUNT DE MONET : September 27th, 2011-13:02
First: many, many thanks again for a very detailed, honest and balanced review! A very enjoyable read with great pictures. I personally never came across this great piece but I saw a video of it winding in the box: MADNESS! It looks like as if each portho...

Funny as this make many of us think of the nautilus

 By: Mark in Paris : October 15th, 2011-07:43
I had great pleasure in reading this, especially as I only new the brand by its name. Thanks for your time and for the share Independants horology is full of unknown treasures ! Best, Mark

I really wish sometimes that I got the money to acquite one of these jewels.

 By: δΈ­ι‡Žγ‚Œγ„ : October 27th, 2011-00:56
Or a Trio. Ultimate!

The gold dials are were done free well.

 By: bernard cheong : May 22nd, 2012-17:14
At least up to 2008. I was there on several occasions watching how 2 antiquas were put together in 2006. The remarkable consistency in the free hand cutting of the dials, and later the care in blackening them were very impressive. And ambitious. Assembly ...