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info request of kasparov audemars.

 By: Koen S. : October 17th, 2010-12:43
I know there was a millanery in yellow gold released in 1999, limited edition of 150 pieces. This piece was delivered in a special chess box with wooden chess pieces. Is this the only kasparov or was there also a royal oak kasparov? Did this piece also co...

Kasparov and Royal Oak Chronograph

 By: Park : October 17th, 2010-13:47
Koen, I do not know this with certainty, but I believe AP issued a limited edition Royal Oak Chronograph in honor of Kasparov and in a box that could be used as a chess board. I've also seen the Royal Oak Chronograph referred to in general as a "Kasparov"...

Park is correct...

 By: BABKA : October 17th, 2010-17:05
I also have the first AP catalogue which displays the piece. It's a nice looking piece and quite hard to find. I may know of someone selling one possibly. So PM if you are interested.

Was royal oak kasparav only in gold or ...

 By: Koen S. : October 18th, 2010-12:55
Also in steel.??? Where all pieces delivered with the chessboard box? Koen S

Here are pics from the #1 AP catalogue

 By: BABKA : October 18th, 2010-20:10

And actual pics of the watch...

 By: BABKA : October 18th, 2010-20:23


 By: sunnyislesrolexfan : October 19th, 2010-11:41
Thats a great set. Would be perfect for me, since I am a Russian chess player. Thank you, Babka, for photos.

I have one of these for sale :-)

 By: hktrooper : November 23rd, 2011-11:46
Hi, I have this watch for sale if you are interested. Regards Martyn