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My Favorite Vacheron Constantin Caliber

 By: WHL : September 30th, 2010-18:27
I’ll need a few more words to help explain which is my favorite movement from Vacheron Constantin. There are many outstanding choices in this category, from vintage to modern and from simple to complicated, but if I could choose only one, it would be the ...

definitely one of the signature movement for VC , alongside with the 1072 and 1003. but it

 By: a.ler : October 1st, 2010-05:08
defintely has a beautiful bridge to show off. kudos! love it ! but yet to own it .

A great post ...

 By: small-luxury-world : October 1st, 2010-08:25
which I appreciate a lot. It is saved on my computer and I will appreciate it when I find some "extra" time. Thanks, Bill! Oliver