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Piaget Gold Cup 2010 and Marcos Heguy Ltd Edn question

 By: MTF : April 11th, 2010-03:06
Piaget Gold Cup 2010 and Marcos Heguy Limited Edition watch USPA PIAGET GOLD CUP FINAL IS SEASON’S MOST GLAMOROUS AFFAIR 21st March 2010: Wellington, Florida. Press Release and More...... It felt like the glory days of polo at the International Polo Club ...

I like it...

 By: dxboon : April 11th, 2010-19:45
...but prefer the color combination found on the standard production model Piaget Polo FortyFive. Looks like a fun and swanky event! Cheers, Daos

This one doesn't float my boat because the colors are too drab IMO

 By: AnthonyTsai : April 11th, 2010-20:24
I need more visual contrast in my dials. - AT

You've got to be a Heguy groupie or

 By: MTF : April 12th, 2010-02:56
a serious follower of polo tournaments to get this Ltd Edn, then. I guess this could be your second Polo FortyFive chronograph......e.g. "My other FortyFive is the skeletonised dial, old chap!" MTF

I'm normally a sucker for blue dial

 By: Jester : April 12th, 2010-06:00
but I would still prefer the open dialed ajoure edition:...