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Rainer Nienaber at BaselWorld 2010

 By: DonCorson : March 25th, 2010-13:06
AHCI member Rainer Nienaber has made many watches using retrograde displays over the years. His newest model is now, just to mix us up a little, anterograde. The hand doesn't spring backward, but springs forward. If it didn't have the second hand this wou...

Thanks don

 By: aldossari_faisal : March 25th, 2010-13:54
i love his newest watch, and the one at the bottom is what i would call SMART watch. Faisal

The decimal watch sounds like a great idea.

 By: tony p : March 31st, 2010-01:47
If I buy this watch, I will need one hour's less sleep each night! Jokes aside, there are some beautiful Art Deco inspired designs here. Cheers Tony P