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5101 -5124 -5105

 By: Eric09 : July 6th, 2008-03:48
Another one of the family. I am working on my photographic skills ......


 By: Bruno.M1 : July 6th, 2008-04:05
this is the one with the old 9-90 movement, right ? The movement started in +/- 1930 and the one in your watch is from +/- 1960 (nos 2006) Limited to 100 pc I would like to see such a piece in the flesh !


 By: Eric09 : July 6th, 2008-14:53
Yes, Bruno, you are absolutely right. I was one of the lucky ones to be attributed one of these when I picked up my 5070G. "We have a little surprise for you", they said ... and so I had to go back to the bank to pick up some more to be able to pay the bi...

Nice piece Eric ; )

 By: : July 6th, 2008-04:21

Nice piece Eric ; )

 By: Eric09 : July 6th, 2008-14:56

Another Rare Bird, Here

 By: amanico : July 6th, 2008-04:41
This was the piece presented with the SS Calatrava two years, ago, if I'm correct? This is really a beautiful watch. How is it on the wrist?. Best. Nicolas

Another Rare Bird, Here

 By: Eric09 : July 6th, 2008-14:39
How does it wear? I don't know! My wife kidnapped it and wears it now from time to time - strapped over the sleeves of her sweater, so figure my peace of mind ... (she has no idea about the price of that watch). Eric09

That is great, Eric! LOL [nt]

 By: amanico : July 6th, 2008-22:09

It can't go better for me!

 By: Dje : July 6th, 2008-06:50

My personal favorite Patek . . .

 By: Dr No : July 6th, 2008-15:34

OMG....I need this :-)....nt

 By: CL : July 6th, 2008-20:40

very Lord watch ! congratulations [nt]

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 By: fector.gallian : July 10th, 2008-09:01