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Horological weekend at the BHI...

 By: DonCorson : June 15th, 2008-00:59
Horological weekend at the BHI... Leaving home To reach here The headquarters of the British Horological Institute in Upton , England. The British Horological Institute was founded in 1858 as the result of the spirit of forward looking men in a time of cr...


 By: Mostel : June 15th, 2008-09:58
What a fantastic presentation. I tell ya, friends... there are some watches out there that really remind you what it's all about. Thanks so much Don.

Excellent post...

 By: Tim Jackson : June 18th, 2008-12:54

Appropriate Seating ?

 By: Borgo : June 21st, 2008-03:15

I'm resurrecting this 10 year old post because it is amazing

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : March 6th, 2018-14:39
Just wow.