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Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronograph - first Montblanc inhouse movement

 By: SJX : April 11th, 2008-06:01
This is an interesting bit of news. Montblanc is obviously serious about becoming an upmarket watch brand (and so are many other brands of the Richemont Group), though I suspect Montblanc got outside assistance with the development of this movement. It is...

New Chronograph Aesthetic

 By: aaronm : April 11th, 2008-07:14
Between this and the Panerai chrono, it seems we've got a new look in chronograph movements. It used to be that all the levers and such were exposed on the back of a movement, but both of these are hiding all the guts EXCEPT the column wheel. I wonder why...

To allow for modular addition

 By: SJX : April 11th, 2008-07:27

Gotta have one!!

 By: BHK9 : April 17th, 2008-00:44
Hi folks, Thanks for the nice coverage on these new Montblanc chrono indeed very nice movement.No wonder,tonns of people getting their Minerva movement waiting... Thanks BHK9

The new Villeret watches

 By: SJX : April 17th, 2008-00:47

The more I look at it

 By: Davo : April 21st, 2009-02:31
the more I want one....