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Rolex Explorer Ref 114270

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : February 2nd, 2008-12:19
Rolex Explorer Ref 114270 I got this watch in 2001 a few months after Rolex haven nshows it in Basel I was one of the first guy who got one here in Sweden with then nnew (current) Explorer ref 114270 and I have order it a couple ofn nmonths before I got i...

Nice work, Jocke, great pics! nt

 By: Chris Meisenzahl : February 2nd, 2008-17:06

Explorer I - one of the classics

 By: kacerrob : February 3rd, 2008-07:53

Thank you!

 By: The Goal is Soul : February 5th, 2008-17:43

fantastic pics

 By: michaelmc : February 11th, 2008-13:34

My FIRST Rolex

 By: rick2 : November 9th, 2008-13:08
My first Rolex is an Explorer 114270. I wanted a watch that would not be recognize immediately as a Rolex, and this model fits the bill. Those photos show just how clean this model is, simply elegant and not pretentious.


 By: tsuie : January 19th, 2009-05:59

Beautiful post.

 By: VMM : December 2nd, 2009-01:35
Probably, my fav Rolex. Thanks. Vte

Explorer 1

 By: urdesac : January 17th, 2010-08:37
For the high-end watch, DateJust mid size two-tone with diamonds is my first Rolex since 1998, and now I want to get one more Rolex for daily. I'm now linger between Explorer 1 (114270) and AIrKing (114200), and thank you for all of your marvellous photos...