TAG Heuer: Close encounter with the new Heuer 01s

Aug 03, 2016,12:31 PM

Stopping by my local TAG Heuer AD, I was surprised to see these two gems that made it into the display case. Armed only with my iPhone as a camera, I grabbed a few quick shots.

The Heuer 01s have been pretty scarce since they started shipping late last year. The success of the the 01s even caught the brand by surprise and they've since been trying to up production to meet demand. Several ADs have told me that they're typically sold before they ever arrive. Perhaps production is catching up or maybe my local AD just caught a lucky break. In any case, I'm curious to see how long these last on the shelves.

It was especially nice to see the new stainless version of the Carrera Heuer 01

As a Heuer 01 owner myself, I'm excited to see some of the new model as the line evolves.

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HMMM really?

 By: Mostel : August 3rd, 2016-18:31
is the first 7750 based? the 2nd... hey if they're selling as fast as you say they are, G-d bless. I was attracted by the 2nd model you feature here... but as I looked deeper at it... it left me a little indifferent. Tag has it's market, and Tag is not to... 

Yes, really.

 By: JToddH : August 4th, 2016-05:19
At least that's what I'm told by ADs, TAG Heuer USA and the manufacture. As for the stainless steel version in my post, it is powered by the Heuer 01 which is an updated version of the 1887. I was lucky to get one of the Indy 500 versions, #26 from an LE ...  

Very cool!

 By: Mostel : August 4th, 2016-09:23

Good to see these around, been lusting after the Grey Phantom ever

 By: Rogi : September 8th, 2016-14:31
since you guys posted one, then I put down a deposit for one at my AD a couple ago, hopefully will get it as advertised (I'm first in Canada on the list apparently mmmm) crossing my fingers and toes on this one.

Great Choice!

 By: JToddH : September 9th, 2016-05:51
I can't wait to see photos and get your impressions. I saw the Grey Phantom at Baselworld and have lusted for one ever since. Hopefully that will be my next TAG Heuer as well! Please keep us updated! ...and Congratulations!

Thank you JToddH :)

 By: Rogi : September 11th, 2016-18:30
I can't wait for it to arrive and do some photos and a review am hoping beyond hope that it gets in and meets or exceeds the expectations will be my first Titanium, I love that they did the whole piece with the bracelet and subdued Grey colors. How was it...