Jan 25, 2016,01:24 AM

Trying to take a couple photos (maybe a video?) and do a full review/writeup. 

This particular watch has likely been done to death all over the Internet, so I'll try to keep it in depth to make it interesting...Also, trying to improve at taking macro photos


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Promising! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 25th, 2016-01:28

Looking forward

 By: rnaden : January 25th, 2016-01:40
The pictures are nice and show a lot of the detail

First picture is perfect ...

 By: nilomis : January 25th, 2016-01:43
Skyeriding, Care to share with all the setup that you used? Lovely details, great macro shots. Cheers, Nilo

Thanks Nilo,

 By: skyeriding : January 25th, 2016-01:57
I'm using a Nikon D3200 and a Nikon Micro 85mm VR. The camera is mounted on a tripod and a wireless remote is used to take photos to avoid shakiness. A lightbox is used with LED lighting to provide adequate lighting for the subject. In hindsight, getting ... 

Impressive kit.

 By: rnaden : January 25th, 2016-03:24
With regard to the light box, how does it stack up when trying to use a phone camera instead of a real one? Does it come out just as well?

Here's two, unedited from my Sony phone with a little cropping

 By: skyeriding : January 25th, 2016-10:58
It would likely do much better with a loupe or clip-on macro lens, but sufficiently works if you're not going -too- close... Regards, skyeriding ...  

A lot of detail for a phone camera

 By: rnaden : January 25th, 2016-14:51
Thanks for obliging! The 1863 movement is a nice one to photograph.

This is proof that one still needs a proper camera to take really good photos. :)

 By: Luis6 : January 25th, 2016-03:25
My "smartphone + gadget" trick can't work wonders like what you did. :p

Nice close-ups! Looks like an Omega 1863/Lemania 1873 as found

 By: reintitan : January 28th, 2016-21:31
in the Speedmaster Pro "sapphire sandwich". Delrin brake replaced with a metal one.

Exactly reintitan!

 By: skyeriding : January 28th, 2016-21:40
It is the Cal 1863, which notably use the metal break versus the delrin one of the 1861, and also has applied cotes de geneve. This is the sapphire sandwich version. Regards, skyeriding