Back from SalonQP: the usual festival of wristshots

Nov 16, 2015,13:52 PM

Once again, SalonQP gave the proof that it is the main Salon dedicated to the final customers with a spectacular gathering of more than 80 brands. Even if I regretted the absence of some major brands which were present the year before (like JLC or Zenith), the numerous independent brands created a strong appeal that any watch fan in London couldn't miss. Actually, SalonQP was much more than a salon displaying the novelties of the year. Can you imagine that several brands made their first official appearance? That several "premiere" watches were unveiled? That, as usual, I could discover a few British brands totally unknown to me? This is the main interest of SalonQP: you handle watches you don't have the chance to  see elsewhere... even for some at Basel!

I spent the 3 days at the Salon from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon. The last day was of course very special for the attendees due to the tragic events in Paris and Beirut. All the people had a lot of nice words for the French people visiting the Salon which was highly heartwarming.

I propose you my traditional festival of wristshots with some surprises inside! Of course, among these watches are not 2015 novelties but I couldn't resist to put them on the wrist.

There isn't any specific order in this thread, just from the first watch I shoot to the last one of the Salon. Enjoy it!

The Manufacture Royale 1770 Voltige and its mesmerizing dial. The perfect watch to observe the regulating organ at work!

A new brand is doing its first steps: Czapek. I will come back to it with more details. This is the Quai des Bergues n°31 with its enamel dial:

The 1140 by Urban Jürgensen is pure and beautiful. A watch close to perfection.

A revival from England: Dennison. Actually, this company produced cases for a lot of brands and it is back with this simple watch powered by an ETA movement.

One of the stars of the show was obviously the Montblanc 1858 Chronograph powered by the superb movement from the Minerva manufacture.

Another chronograph, another star: the retro-looking yet very contemporary Vacheron Constantin Historiques 1955 Chronograph Cornes de Vache.

I'm speaking about watches and I find a huge one on the dial! Opus 14 is obviously spectacular. The complication is pure fun. But is this watch a real Opus? I will launch the debate later.

Tim and Bart did it again! The Grönefeld brothers presented this piece unique based on the Platinum Tourbillon Parallax:

The KO Northern Lights, created with James Thompson (Black Badger) is back in a gold case! Well done Stepan Sarpaneva!

The De Bethune DB27 D Polo Edition is not my fav De Bethune and I much prefer the DB28 Digitale. But I was very surprised by the case resistance. Even with a key, it was not possible to scratch it!

The DB28 Grand Sport now comes with a very comfortable rubber strap:

This is a superb dial made in-house by Lang & Heyne.

But despite this poetic approach, I was more seduced by the Friedrich III which is also available with a Stainless Steel case!

It is always a pleasure to meet Antoine and Florian Preziuso and their Tourbillon of Tourbillons watch. Here is a spectacular black version.

Akrivia, the brand of Rexhep Rexhepi was as usual present at the SalonQP. I could handle this year the final version of the Tourbillon Chiming Jumping Hour:

Kari Voutilainen remains obviously a pillar of SalonQP! Funny detail, the decoration style of the Vigt-8 is similar to the Grönefeld piece unique (black + orange details)!

SalonQP was very proud to present the latest watch from Roger Smith, the Series 4. Actually he introduced 2 new watches and 2 "redesigned" watches, the Series 1 and 2. The Series 4 offers a new complication with an  instantaneous triple calendar. A beauty. But you need to be patient to deserve it. It requires 3 years of work. Time to save money I suppose. smile

Another impressive watch from Montblanc with this Tourbillon Geospheres Night Sky which was unveiled a few weeks ago. What a spectacular dial.

To be honest with you, I wasn't aware about this Harry Winston Avenue Dual Time. I find it... very strange but at least it offers a new design perspective!

This is maybe one of the most expected watches of this end of the year: the Tudor Black Bay Black. A watch doesn't  need to be expensive to be very seducing and appealing.

Giles Ellis was offering us this year a new version of the Signalman: the Silvertop. I love the contrast between the bezel and the black DLC parts.

I have special thoughts for Emmanuel Dietrich. He presented during the Salon this stealth version for the British market. It is impressive to see how any colours combo works with this watch.

Le Rhöne was presenting its full collection based on a chronograph. The case is made by the same provider of the Vertu phone cases.

Manufacture Royale again with the 1770 Micromegas Tourbillon. I need to publish a video to make you understand that the key interest of the watch is to observe the speed differences of the two tourbillons.

Rebellion was presenting its full collection including the Wraith Drive which symbolizes the involvement of the brand in motor sport.

The Magnum 540 Grand Tourbillon is bulky and it doesn't lack character!

Arnold & Son was of course another significant brand present at SalonQP this year. Since I already took pictures of the 2015 collection, I chose to shoot this Double Tourbillon Escapement (DTE):

Richard Hoptroff was back this year with a more wearable atomic watch. I'm always impressed by its ability to create such pieces.

This is the Petite Aiguille winner at the GPHG 2015! Congrats to Maria and Richard for this great achievement with Felix!

Moser introduced a less formal watch with the Pioneer Centre Seconds. It works pretty well I must confess.

Nomos was presenting its new Neomatik collection based on the DUW3001 movement: 5 watches available in two atmopheres.

Here is the Ludwig:

And the Minimatik:

Andreas Strehler is collaborating with Garrick. But I could take the opportunity to handle his new piece, the Time Shadow:

Garrick was present for the 1st year at the Salon. Here is the Norfolk, inspired by Marine Instruments:

Alexandre Meerson was introducing a new dial for his D15 - two timezones watch. The Pacific Coast is a very nice brown grey dial which works well with the D15 design.

Armin Strom, the specialist of contemporary skeletonized watches displayed a wide range of pieces including a new piece in White Gold:

Here is the Manual Air, the most simple watch of the collection:

Chronoswiss redesigned its quarter repeater based on a DD module if I remember well. The watch is available also in Stainless Steel as pictured below:

One of the nice surprises was the C9 Moonphase from Christopher Ward, a complication created by the addition of two wheels on a modified ETA 2836. A very affordable and nicely made moonphase display:

SevenFriday was the sponsor of the bar at the 2nd floor but of course, they took advantage of their presence to unveil new pieces!

The new V3:

And the P2B/03-W... better to call it the Woody!

Objectif Horlogerie set up its workshops to propose master classes. And as usual, the client could take with him the watch he assembled. A wonderful idea for a gift!

Bremont reinforced its involvement with Jaguar with the MKII, a chronograph version of the MKI:

SalonQP gave me the opportunity to visit the Ralph Lauren booth and I could appreciate two watches of the current collection.

The Automotive Squelette:

And the very elegant Carré, maybe the most convincing of the collection:

I would like to end the report with two pics of Lange watches taken during the Salon.

The Zeitwerk Minute Repeater on the wrist and on the corridors of the Salon. Sadly, the watch was not striking so I can't tell you anything about the sound quality.

And a double-wristshot with my dear friend Lucia!

It was as you can see it, 2015 was a very qualitative and versatile edition of SalonQP. The perfect organization, the beautiful location and the impressive set of exhibitors make SalonQP as a mandatory rendez-vous on the agenda. I can't wait for the next edition!


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Impressive gathering for SalonQP

 By: Mark in Paris : November 16th, 2015-14:37
A place to visit if we like independent watchmaking for sure! I'm curious to see how and why (for the challenge or else?) the 2 tourbillons cage rotate at different speed indeed. I'd love to see Lang&Heyne once too. Of course KV, RSmith etc.... should... 

I try to come back quickly about Czapek

 By: foversta : November 21st, 2015-12:48
By the way they will be present at Belles Montres. Fx

There's a few here that delight me....

 By: Mostel : November 16th, 2015-17:09
On an affordable note... Nomos is very nice... when I had the rare good fortune to spend an afternoon with M Dufour, he said to me, in a kind of mischevious way, "Nomos is so nice!" And it is. So there you go. For myself, I find the Smith perpetual simply... 

Thanks Mostel about your detailed comments!

 By: foversta : November 21st, 2015-13:03
I tend to disagree about Grönefeld. This watch is a piece unique and it is a way for them to show something new at the Salon. But believe me, they have nice projects on the pipe! Fx

Scroll it!

 By: kolosstt : November 17th, 2015-00:05
With lots of pleasure I scrolled through your picture report. Thanks and looking forward to the detailed extracts like Opus or the double tourbillion. Best regards, Kolosstt

Fascinating François, there are some very promising entries...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : November 17th, 2015-00:20
next to my obvious favourites Habring2 . Ever I saw the Akrivia tourbillon the first time it never really managed to escape my brains. I find the overall balance, despite the 'generously' dimensioned case, very well executed, probably thanks to the very, ... 

Thank you for this overview, Fx!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : November 17th, 2015-00:57
Looking forward to see more detailed reports! Best Blomman

Thanks, the R Smith is the most interesting for me

 By: : November 17th, 2015-01:09
as an aside , is version 1 available ? Are we able to buy one direct from mr smith himself? Thanks Julian

Roger Smith seems to be priced at stratospheric levels

 By: chintu : November 17th, 2015-02:47
The Series 1 which is the simplest of the watches with three hands ( sub-seconds dial) is priced at GBP 95,000 and the Series 4 which is the triple calendar is at GBP 250,000 ( US$ 380K)!!. Granted that these are fabulous pieces and handmade. IMHO the, pr... 

Great fun! Thanks!

 By: gensiulia : November 17th, 2015-02:40
The R.W. Smith uber alles, for my taste. I really like the Felix, and looking to know something more of the Gronefeld bros. i have to study. Cheers.

Terrific post

 By: colinwillsher : November 17th, 2015-04:22
really interesting to see such a variety of concepts. As a matter of interest what in your opinon would need to be added/removed/altered to the UJ to make it perfect? ( must admit my bias - I am a great fan of UJ)

Amazing photos as usual!

 By: sham1 : November 17th, 2015-07:44
I was there for a couple of days and thought that Roger Smith's watches, though exclusive (only 10 pieces a year hence the 3 year waiting list) and impeccably made, were far too heavy for daily wear and I only tried on the relatively basic Series One. I c... 

Great overview of show

 By: jml_watches : November 17th, 2015-13:30
I can understand why you spent three days there. I went on Saturday afternoon & was totally absorbed. Cheers JML

Oh my God!!!

 By: tempus : November 20th, 2015-00:12
The R.W. Smith is an absolute dreamwatch!!! But 380K is a lot of money. I don't know anything about this brand and I ask myself, if they will they be there in 30 years when the watch is damaged and needs to be repaired? Best Tempus

I don't have the sure answer but would say that

 By: Mark in Paris : November 20th, 2015-08:03
If it is not made of exotic materials (like Silicon) and if you find a good watchmaker (which I hope will still exist in 30 years), then they should be serviced correctly. Of course, if parts have to be replaced, it may be so at a higher cost. Cheers, Mar... 

Thanks Anthony! [nt]

 By: foversta : November 20th, 2015-14:40

Very nice.... [nt]

 By: big daddy : November 20th, 2015-17:01

Wow so many eye candies!

 By: jrwong23 : November 21st, 2015-20:42
The Tudor Black Bay Black is my fav! Agree it is superb value for money for such a strong proposition Thanks Fx! Cheers Robin

My favorite is the Montblanc Chronograph!

 By: patrick_y : November 24th, 2015-09:00
Fantastic photos my indefatigable friend! Some will find it strange, but I don't, that my favorite watch is the Montblanc 1858 chronograph with the Villeret movement. Just wonderful! The Harry Winston Opus is a bit strange, kind of a Hollywood Walk Of Fam... 

Very impressive lineup to view.

 By: JerryW : November 24th, 2015-21:09
For me I would be very happy with the Sarpaneva RG KO Northern Lights or the Voutilainen Vigt-8 or the Gronefeld Parallax on my wrist. Way to many awesome choices out there. Thanks for sharing your photos. Best, JerryW

What is your impression of the Garrick Norfolk?

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : November 25th, 2015-02:42
The watch design looks kind of nice, but how does it looks/feels in the metal? It has a fired enamel dial (in-house) made from silver. The hands have a nice maritime anchor style and are thermally blued (option). 42 / 12,5 mm case and a Unitas hand wound ... 

Opinion on MR Voltige 1770

 By: Fernando Bandeira de Melo : January 6th, 2018-07:32
Dear Sir, I was wondering what is your opinion on the MR Voltige 1770, is it a really high-end watch? How would you compare it with the MB&F 101, I currently have an opportunity to trade a 2006 IWC Portuguese 5001 in yellow gold (plus 5000 USD) for a ... 

Hello Fernando!

 By: sham1 : January 6th, 2018-08:04
I have never owned a MR Voltige 1770 but I have owned the MR Androgyne and the MB&F 101. I would like to state that although the MR is finished well, it cannot compare to the MB&F 101 where Kari Voutilainen's name is printed on the movement and we all kno... 


 By: Fernando Bandeira de Melo : January 7th, 2018-04:59
Thank you very much for your response! I hope you have an amazing 2018. Best, Fernando

And you too Fernando!

 By: sham1 : January 7th, 2018-08:03
Happy collecting