New Brands at BaselWorld 2016 - Klokers

Mar 29, 2016,23:08 PM

An unexpected find at BaselWorld this year was Klokers.  These are relatively inexpensive quartz watches, but with a really neat design.  The Klok-01 is like a circular slide rule (are we showing our age if we know what a slide rule is?).  The design is clean, the readability is good, the size is fine and the price is right.  They have made a rapid change system to click the watch head off the bracelet so it is easy to change bracelets to a different color in a fashion spirit, although one is then bound to use their bracelets.

The Klok-02 is not quite as successful as the -01 IMHO, the retrograde minutes and seconds over half the case surface is great, but the hours are hard to read in a deep hole in the case.  The magnifying loupe doesn't help the matter much.  This is a multi-time-zone watch, pressing the button at 4 jumps the hours indication and a city indication in the small window next to it.

Klokers is based in France, just over the border from Geneva and is headed by some old hands from the Geneva independent watchmaker scene, the watches themselves are made in Switzerland.  I wish them great luck in this endever, the watches are original, fun and the price is right.

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