New photo device - digital pocket loupe

Jun 06, 2016,16:34 PM

As I was wandering through the diamond section at the Las Vegas Jewelry show last weekend, I noticed a group of folks surrounding a small booth. A couple minutes later I worked my way to the front and saw a "digital loupe" invented by a nice guy who owns a diamond business, and like watchmakers, he is trying to keep ahead of the decline in jewelry and watch sales in the Asian region. The inventor spent a couple years refining this device and released it earlier this year. He says he is having great fun selling 100's of them every time he goes to a show.

If you have bad eyes and/or low patience for fancy camera equipment, perhaps this is the answer to your quick & dirty magnification needs. 

My wife's ring was dirty, so I put it into the ultrasound machine and cleaned it. Can you tell? with the naked eye, not really. But with this viewer, absolutely.


My Seiko Chrono

My Record Chrono

Not enough light

Turn on the LEDs

That's better, at low LED intensity.


It clips onto any smart phone or pad.

No software or app required. You turn up the intensity with your finger on a switch, not a digital slider. Here's the high intensity, which might be too much.


It charges off USB in 30 minutes and runs for 2 hours. It comes with two clips, two lenses, two intensities of LED lighting, cable, bag, and it clips on your shirt like a tie clasp for easy use in the field. 

My Rolex at the beach today.

and on the table with the magnifier, where we almost stop the second hand, but not quite


DISCLAIMER - I bought this with my own money, was not reimbursed or given a discount, and if you all send me a dollar, it will be "free" and my wife will get off my back for buying trinkets at the show...


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I want to agree with your wife on this one...

 By: cshimokita : June 6th, 2016-16:50
about stay away from the trinkets... perfect for diamonds and for that price I would have bought it as well... Hand held? Three wooden blocks (kids toys) to keep the tablet flat Re: "My Rolex at the beach today"... must be a time zone thing with the date.... 

Good idea

 By: cazalea : June 6th, 2016-18:00
I don\'t have kiddie blocks but I have some of these funny little cups that are just right! Shot glasses are about the right height too. This view is with the second lens in place. Mike ...  

What a cool find Mike!

 By: andrewluff : June 7th, 2016-01:56
As a gadget fan this definitely ticks the box. What was the cost of it? I have seen a few macro clip on lenses, but this is cool with the led lights. The results are very impressive! Cheers Andrew

BlancpaiN Aqua Lung test photos

 By: cazalea : June 6th, 2016-18:43
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