BREAKING NEWS: Zenith reduces prices of 14 references by up to 20%

Mar 07, 2016,12:07 PM

I was just informed that effective as of 01 March 2016, "with respect to the current economical context it has been decided to reduce and reposition some specific models in the El Primero and the Elite collection". The price adjustments apply to all markets and concern the following watches:


Specifically, the following references are affected (I have the € prices, only, but similar reductions apply to all markets):

36'000 VPH:
Ref. 03.2040.400/69.C494 (El Primero 36'000 VpH 1969; steel, strap) - price old €7,900/price new €6,900 - diff.: -12.7%
Ref. 51.2040.400/91.C496 (El Primero 36'000 VpH; Volcano, strap) - price old €8,300/price new €7,650 - diff.: -7.8%
Ref. 03.2080.400/01.C494 (El Primero 36'000 VpH; white, steel, strap) - price old €8,100/price new €6,900 - diff.: -14.8%
Ref. 03.2080.400/21.C496 (El Primero 36'000 VpH; black, steel, strap)  - price old €8,100/price new €6,900 - diff.: -14.8%
Ref. 03.2150.400/69.C713 (El Primero 36'000 VpH 1969 38mm; steel, strap) - price old €7,900/price new €6,900 - diff.: -12.7%
Ref. 03.2150.400/69.M2150 (El Primero 36'000 VpH 1969 38mm; steel, bracelet) - price old €8,400/price new €7,400 - diff.: -11.9%

EP Sport:
Ref. 03.2280.400/01.C713 (El Primero Sport; silver, steel, strap) - price old €9,900/price new €7,900 - diff.: -20.2%
Ref. 03.2280.400/91.M2280 (El Primero Sport; black, steel, bracelet) - price old €10,4900/price new €8,400 - diff.: -19.2%
Ref. 03.2280.400/91.R576 (El Primero Sport; grey, steel, strap) - price old €9,900/price new €7,900 - diff.: -20.2%

Elite Chrono:
Ref. 18.2270.4069/01.C498 (El Primero Classic; RG, strap) - price old €19,600/price new €18,500 - diff.: -5.6%
Ref. 03.2270.4069/01.C493 (El Primero Classic; steel, strap) - price old €8,200/price new €7,100 - diff.: -13.4%

Ultra Thin Men:
Ref. 03.2010.681/01.C493 (Elite; silver, steel, strap) - price old €4,900/price new €4,500 - diff.: -8.2%
Ref. 03.2010.681/11.C493 (Elite; silver (roman), steel, strap) - price old €4,900/price new €4,500 - diff.: -8.2%
Ref. 03.2010.681/21.C493 (Elite; black, steel, strap) - price old €4,900/price new €4,500 - diff.: -8.2%

Thanks for reading,

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Thanks for sharing!

 By: KMII : March 7th, 2016-12:13
So now we know, which manufacturer decided to lower the prices All that remains is to find out, which will up the content at constant pricing...

Instead of doing discounts, maybe announced these models may be discontinued by year 20xx.

 By: Clueless_Collector : March 7th, 2016-12:14
That will be more positive, right? It may/will drive demand up and they don't have to keep producing less popular series or models and give discounts. As with any news, good for those who are in the market but bad for those who already bought. I always re... 

You summed it up quite to the spot, however...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : March 7th, 2016-12:26
You never know when such a decision was made (here: its at least 1 month old ;-)). Thus, reducing the prices might be a very easy to implement short notice measure. I.e. if you are pressured in time and need quick results. Announcing a phasing out of any ... 

Good marketing strategy? or....

 By: Danielis1104 : March 8th, 2016-03:56
By reducing the price of course it will be more sales, since the watch itself become more affordable. And i do believe they already do a research to put this pricing strategy into action. But in the long term, will this strategy harm the brand image itsel... 

All these implications are certainly a discussion during my meetings with them in Basel...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : March 8th, 2016-12:08
next week. I am pretty sure they'll have procedures in place to deal with clients who bought just before the price adjustment. I also hope that their long term goals and strategy will become clear to me. Stay tuned! Best, Magnus

Interesting indeed...

 By: andrewluff : March 7th, 2016-13:28
I wonder if will just be Zenith under the LVMH umbrella? Interesting times ahead especially on the run up to Basel. I would be really bummed if I bought one of these for myself at Christmas.... Thanks for the update Magnus. Cheers Andrew

Interesting, the smallest reduction in price....

 By: alphabeta81 : March 7th, 2016-14:25
... is for the most expensive model that is in gold. I am amazed that Zenith can see the light to lower prices but some other brands are still 50% too high and they know it and they dont touch their MSRP

The most classical get the lowest reduction...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : March 8th, 2016-12:13
whereas the new Sport collection is highly discounted. I think there is an underlying message as well. Magnus P.S.: The Volcano, for my taste (;-)) could have benefitted from a steeper reduction as well ;-)!

watch market is brutal right now

 By: watch-er : March 7th, 2016-14:41
There may well be some companies closing. Overproduction and more over production.

If someone is planning on buying a watch, does this mean it's better to hold off and wait?

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 9th, 2016-05:49
And assume that many other watch brands will be reducing prices as well? It's about time we finally get reductions in watch retail prices. They've been going straight up for years like the cost of healthcare! - AT