Vintage Jona

Aug 10, 2020,13:14 PM

Dear members,

Back home in The Netherlands we were rumbling thru some old boxes in the addict and found this beauty.

It’s a Jona Chronometre pocket watch. The silver chain (now black) has two little photos attached which are my grand parents when they got married.

That dates the watch back to approximately 1920-1925 maximum potentially older.

But then again looking at the dial I would guess it’s much younger.

The biggest surprise was that when I wound it (very carefully) it simply started running and now 6 HRS later it’s still running (few minutes late but who cares).

Is there anybody who can tell me more about this pocket watch?

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 By: Jurry : August 11th, 2020-03:04
Biggest surprise was that it’s still working. This one is around 100 years old now