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The Original Gefica Safari story....

Feb 24, 2007,02:33 AM - (view entire thread)

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, three friends stood on a hot, dusty African plain as the setting sun retreated in the shimmering haze. The spoor of roan antelope lay around but they had not seen, let alone, drawn a bead on they intended prey - Panthera Pardus - the stealthy leopard. Sweaty riveluts down their burnt necks provided no relief from the heat. Their quest was unfulfilled as it had also been for the other species of the "Big 5" - Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Cape Buffalo. They needed a watch that would not be shiny or reflect the sun, in order to keep from frightening the animals.

They turned to they friend, Gerald Genta, a watch designer of not inconsiderable repute. He was inspired to create the Gefica Safari, the first watch in a bronze case. It also had a directional compass. Drawing from elements of the African Savannah and tribal art, the design included tortoise shell, slate and malachite. The Gefica collection grew to include chronograph, dual time and perpetual calendar versions. For the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation in 1991, Genta brought out a commemorative edition with red and white colours of the Swiss flag on mother-of-pearl dial.

With these elements in mind, dear reader, you could expect what the new Gefica should look like, to be true to Genta, albeit modernised. Will it have the iconic double rows of beading on the case and crown?
Which of the original two lug types will be used? Those were the details of craftsmanship and design that made Gerald Genta products stand out from the rest.
Will we get the Gefica name but the usual minor complication plying an alternate display method from the original?
Or will we get an easier-to-manufacture 'stylised' echo to maintain some Genta-nesque continuity?


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