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Urwerk 105 - Why shouldn't I do it?

Ludovic's watches did not sit too well on my wrist. Deviating a little from topic, he had if I recall correctly a one of one dial made from cows milk. Yes, cows milk. Re Vianney, I also have my eyes open for a Classic. I think for me that may be the most
By: Jay (Eire)

Halloween Watch

Probably even more!
By: Ares501 Mr Green


Last weekend, I spent some (my wife says: too much) time at the Munichtime watch show in, good guess!, Munich. Tons of rather obscure new watch brands were present, and only a few larger and renown "magnet" manufacturers, like Lange, IWC or Panerai, that
By: Marcus Hanke

HYT 3 and friends

This week small gathering with old pals. Of course there is always that friend whose watch is slightly emerging amongst the others.
By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1)

April comes early: Moritz Grossmann to unveil the ATUM Pure Skull at WatchTime New York 2017

These reminds me of the quartz skulls theory/mystery from "Ancient Aliens"! Could there be any connection here with HYT, RM, B&R and now MG joining the foray? Hhmmm... If it needs to be skulls, the most I dare tolerate would probably be a minute three dim
By: Ornatus-Mundi

The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) welcomes 12 new partner-brands

THE FHH IS TWELVE YEARS OLD AND WELCOMES TWELVE NEW PARTNER-BRANDS Since 2005, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie has been recognised around the world as the leading authority for excellence in watchmaking, a status it confirms with the arrival of twelv
By: AnthonyTsai


Love the HYT's side profile. HAGWE! .. jen
By: janef

Hands on review of the HYT H0

I've liked this brand as soon as I saw their first model few years ago. Nevertheless, I have two big concerns about it. First, the size of their watches (as you mentioned) which is obviously too big for me. Like Watchonthewrist wrote, a smaller case size
By: foversta

Hands on review of the HYT H0

What is the most impressive with HYT is that since the launch of the first piece, the H1 in 2012, the brand has found its identity: the various models are easily recognizable at first glance what is a remarkable achievement for a young brand. It is due in
By: foversta

What do you think of structured movements

HYT Or this cristoff claret Or the LM QP Or even the GP Neo bridge automatic  These are just but a few examples
By: Riddler