Sinn EZM 1.1

Oct 12, 2017,06:57 AM

My latest acquisition to my collection.

Although collection currently more classical based (Patek, Rolex, AP, Minerva,...) with a small touch for cult pieces (5711, 15202) have always been very much attracted to German  brands.
Not only the known players such as A.Lange, Glashütte but also new upcoming brands as Moritz Grozzmann, traditionalists as Dornblueth and more sportier brands as Sinn, Laco and Stowa (also owned 3 watches).

Upon its release have been attracted to the EZM 1.1 (despite higher price category for this kind of watch) and the watch being a leftie.
First feeling of leftie: no problem at all!

Am no handy person at all, but after 20minutes of sweating was able to change steel bracelet to leather band. felling pretty proud of myself.

 Enough words: here some pictures of this great tool watch!

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Sinn - A lot of value packed inside.

 By: Bill : October 12th, 2017-08:44
Congratulations on your new Sinn. I have always been a huge fan of Sinn. ...  

Thanks for the review!

 By: EJR888 : October 12th, 2017-12:31
Hi guy! I am looking some Sinn for buy when I will to arrive in Deutschland. The next watch will to be some Rolex, GMT or Sub C, and the Sinn I am in passion with Flieger 356 Chrono. But your review get the sure for buy one. Best Regards, EJR.