38mm or 40mm FP Journe Chronometre Souverain (CS) Black Label platinum?

May 19, 2017,08:00 AM

Hi , I am looking at some pre owned  FPJ Black Label platinum CSs and realise that they come in 38mm or 40mm. What is considered the "standard FPJ CS size" or are both "acceptable"? Would appreciate your input. Thanks.

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Very true ;-)

 By: Alkiro1 : May 19th, 2017-09:20
Best wishes Alkiro ...  

Regarding the Breguet La Tradition, the 7027 and 7057 are really different in my opinion (positioning of the power reserve hand on the sub minute/hour dial or not, bigger sub minute/hour dial...).

 By: Alkiro1 : May 19th, 2017-09:42
Regarding the CS, it's slightly different for me. I would have said yes to the 38mm... if the dial wasn't black. For this specific model, it has an impact on your size perception. Black dial tends to give you an impression of a smaller size. So, here, it'... 

You're welcome

 By: Alkiro1 : May 19th, 2017-10:16
Best wishes Alkiro

I love this watch, Alkiro!

 By: Bounce781 : May 19th, 2017-20:51
I'm sure I've told you that before

May be but you can go on :-)))

 By: Alkiro1 : May 20th, 2017-00:07
Best wishes Alkiro

personal preference

 By: shafran : May 19th, 2017-10:11
Personally I prefer the 40mm. I had and octoreserve in 40 and have a centigraph 40mm now, I find it a perfect size. That being said, I prefer the 40.9mm grand lange size to the 38.5 lange 1 size. I have the grand lange moon in the 40.9, fits similar to th... 

There is a breed of WISes that loudly pines over the lost days of 30mm Men's watches

 By: Spangles : May 19th, 2017-11:47
Wearing what looks best on your wrist and what you enjoy the most is the True Purist view.

I'm hoping that's sarcasm...

 By: mdg : May 19th, 2017-19:26
I haven't read of anyone on this or any other forum advocating for 30mm men's watches. What I (and others) have expressed a desire for, is dress watches in the 36-39mm range. I have a wrist size of a bit over 7 inches, and I find 38mm (and thin) to be per... 

Either or :-)

 By: sham1 : May 19th, 2017-12:28
Purists would choose either depending which suited their wrist best. The fact that FPJ has discontinued the 38mm case size is mainly due to the poor demand for this size according to their sales director who I was fortunate to meet recently. I was quite s... 

For me 40 mm is perfect but like other Purists say its all about your own taste .

 By: Watchonthewrist : May 19th, 2017-13:15
Whatever your choice is , a FPJ is allways a beautiful watch imo . Looking forward to see some pics


 By: RG1 : May 19th, 2017-20:09
I bought mine 4 years ago. I tried 40 mm and 38 mm on my wrist. I decide to buy 38 mm because looks very good on my wirist compare to 40mm. Finding the right size is just a matter of taste, just follow your heart Cheers