Blancpain in Zermatt

Oct 12, 2017,08:18 AM

Recently returned from this charming town in Switzerland

We had been touring across the Alps and arrived in Zermatt via the spectacular Glacier Express train

Zermatt is located at the foot of the Matterhorn, which was somewhat obscured the first day

but the alpinglow the next morning was a thrill

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Beautiful place and very nice BP PPC!

 By: alphabeta81 : October 12th, 2017-08:51
This isn't a PPC we see often. So under appreciated!!

Indeed, it has everything in a trim package

 By: tick-talk : October 13th, 2017-03:41
recently spent a pleasant evening with the owner of a PP annual calendar and we observed the date change from 30 Sep to 1 Oct while sipping scotch. Mine was accomplished in under 10 minutes - his over 2 hours.

Can you post a picture

 By: tick-talk : October 13th, 2017-03:38
the blue dial would be stunning to see. I've been tempted to inquire with BP on a custom dial, perhaps brown. Any idea if they provide this service?

Superb shot of the Matterhorn!

 By: S.F : October 14th, 2017-02:18
and a pretty obscure shop..... Cheers! SF ...