How many here would buy a 42mm Panerai Radiomir?

Mar 20, 2013,13:41 PM

I know many here are 47mm lovers and don't want to wear anything smaller than 44mm. 

Are you tempted at a smaller 42mm Radiomir such as the PAM512 Radiomir 1940 with the P.999 movement?

I personally love this PAM512 smile



Panerai P.999 movement

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I could consider it

 By: dr.kol : March 20th, 2013-13:52
if the size would be 40 mm. This trend of oversized watches is not for me. Best, Kari

40mm / 42mm - they really not much of a difference in size IMO

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 20th, 2013-15:19
Why not try a larger 42mm than a 40mm you're accustomed to? :) Cheers, Anthony

I'm not good in maths

 By: dr.kol : March 20th, 2013-23:31
but it must be around 2 mm... Patek 3940 is 36 mm and 5140 37.2 mm. Many buyers think that the difference is remarkable so it depends. Best, Kari

Ah man ... sometimes it is good to wear a small watch (42mm) that is!

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 20th, 2013-15:18
I'm a 44mm and 47mm guy, but sometimes I want to wear a smaller sized watch when I'm all dressed up so a 42mm Rad would be perfect for me. You don't ever get an itching to wear something smaller? Cheers, Anthony

Honestly? No...

 By: sergio : March 20th, 2013-17:07
it's all got to do with proportions. I'm not good at compromises. If you were a horse rider, would you...sometimes...feel like going for a ride on a... pony? :-) Ciao - Sergio

Sometimes I feel like I want to drive a big SUV

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 20th, 2013-17:09
but sometimes I want to drive a Mini Cooper! Cheers, Anthony

Hhehe :) [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 21st, 2013-16:02

Most certainly

 By: flamenco : March 20th, 2013-16:45
A dressy elegant PAM, if there is one. Quite comfy as well. Most certainly looking at the 512 to compliment my 336

Yes. [nt]

 By: Miranda : March 20th, 2013-16:57

lol good answer! [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 20th, 2013-17:06

I would but more for formal wear.

 By: johnlim_hs : March 20th, 2013-17:40
Look kind of small when you are on normal wear, imo. Regards John

I would

 By: Richard N : March 20th, 2013-19:52
42 is what I consider the ideal for me...43 is a push, but 44 is a no go. This definitely sits within my preferences. Richard

Unless I wake up tomorrow with Arnie or Sly Arms, 512 yes please!

 By: Nicko16 : March 20th, 2013-21:52
44mm is my limit as my 320 just fits. I really do like the 512!

I bought my wife the 337, what's also 42mm

 By: DavidV : April 4th, 2013-02:55
I tried it on myself and with a suit it's absolutely a great classy combination (never thought i would say that). But I have to admit that i prefer bigger. My 44 and 47mm would get more wrist time. I also think my wife would not be happy if I borrowed her... 

Honestly I would and could wear a 42mm but

 By: Mech : April 4th, 2013-17:10
not the new line of radiomirs, but the mares, still what choice do I have if I would like to wear a mare, but if there were a 44mm mare, that would be my preference. Mech.

Nothing wrong with 42mm....

 By: stanfoord : April 10th, 2013-13:00
..assuming one is confident in one's masculinity ;)

One can be confident in one's masculinity and only feel comfortable

 By: AnthonyTsai : April 10th, 2013-16:28
wearing a 38mm or 40mm :P Cheers, Anthony

42mm a little small...

 By: meiwah98 : April 13th, 2013-23:23
IN my opinion. I have a 190, 45mm......fits just right! However, with that said, I assume if you have a small wrist then the 42mm would "look" better.

After my recent 338 which I'm head over heels btw, I WANT the 512

 By: Riddler : April 17th, 2013-11:32
When will they start releasing'em as the AD here in Saudi haven't received it