Reverso Rouge

Jun 25, 2012,12:59 PM

hard to see the real red !   

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It looks perfect on your wrist!

 By: foversta : June 25th, 2012-13:11
And you are right, it is difficult to catch the beauty of this red. Congrats! Fx

Huge congrats! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : June 25th, 2012-13:32
For me - the winner of this years line up (if we exclude the grand complications)! Wear it in best of health! :) Best Blomman

Love it!!!

 By: Dr_Nav : June 25th, 2012-13:40
I want one :-D wear it with good health my friend

Tanks All ! [nt]

 By: pixi : June 25th, 2012-14:05

Congrats, lovely piece!

 By: fernando : June 25th, 2012-20:49
First one posted here I believe. :) Cheers fernando

Congratulations on this wonderful piece

 By: foowy : June 26th, 2012-03:10
Don't mind seeing more wristshots of it in different lightings to see how it's red change wit the angles Wear it in good health


 By: ocwatching : June 26th, 2012-16:33
glad to see these hit the boutiques... very nice...