Aug 08, 2009,21:48 PM

My WIS buddy from HK is in town for a few days... If you remember my post 6 months ago ( How I spend my day in HK )... he brought along his JLC Dualmatic...

I am impressed with this watch... cool looking and very functional...

The Flipper

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the dial is

 By: time2tic : August 8th, 2009-22:56
a bit confusing, I feel, but the proportions of this sporty looking watch are nice

Well... he did not adjust the watch totally...

 By: Bruce-YVR : August 9th, 2009-09:43
He got lazy and just did the hour hands only for local and 2nd timezone.... the bigger circle between 9-12 window is for local time and the smaller window in the 5 position correspond to the 2nd timezone. Nice watch...

Well, I Prefer the MC Memovox

 By: amanico : August 9th, 2009-23:08
To say all. You have a cleaner dial, and an ..Alarm! Best, The Flipper! Nicolas

I agree with Nicolas...

 By: david.graham : August 10th, 2009-00:26
Althought this watch looks great in your pictures, I much prefer the Master Compressor Memovox and the new GMT models. Cheers David

These are my two

 By: jeff 325 : August 10th, 2009-14:36

Very nice JLC's Jeff325! [nt]

 By: DRMW : August 10th, 2009-14:40
No message body

Jeff... NICE!!!!!!...

 By: Bruce-YVR : August 10th, 2009-16:22
The one on the right seems a bit bigger then the left one. What is the model number for the right side Dualmatic? Thanks Bruce-YVR aka The Flipper

Thanks Bruce

 By: jeff 325 : August 11th, 2009-07:01
actually both of these cases are the same size diameter (41.9mm) . The one one the right is the Geographic version of the Compressor series . The ref. number is 171 81 70 ....  

Wow, Jeff

 By: amanico : August 11th, 2009-05:07
A pleasant Duo! Do you consider a 3rd one? Best, Nicolas

Sure do Nicolas !

 By: jeff 325 : August 11th, 2009-18:40
I would like to get either the MC EWA or one of the Sqaudra Reversos as my next purchase .

Dynamc Duo

 By: respo : August 11th, 2009-07:19
That is a geat pair of Master Compressors -- I love and have considered seriously both of these at one time or another. And both on the bracelet! You read my mind! LOL. I have never been able to quite get the Dualmatic. I do find the dial with the two arc...