The amazing Excenter Timezone (pictures first)

Jan 12, 2004,05:05 AM

Text to be followed soon....

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Thanks Bernard! :-) nt

 By: Chris Meisenzahl : January 12th, 2004-05:05

Very original. Thanks Bernard. (nt)

 By: Jim Rothbarth : January 12th, 2004-09:21

A different design?

 By: vlim : January 13th, 2004-03:03

What a torture!

 By: azean : January 13th, 2004-11:11
Hi Bernard, I saw plenty of Harry Winston watches while I was in Spore, and I instantly fell in love. Actually IMO, several years back I would only see HW as a fine jeweler, but lately they have made me change my mind. They really have evolved to producin... 

I agree! happened to me too!

 By: bernard cheong : January 13th, 2004-03:15

movement close up picture....

 By: bernard cheong : January 14th, 2004-09:21

Movement and text details

 By: bernard cheong : January 15th, 2004-01:01
The movement is a Jacquet7060 with a custom module made for HW, an HW2821. This actually has an amazing 5 day power reserve and as a world first, it has a gear train with NO BACKLASH. This is done via a compensating toothed gear, featuring a notch on each... 

whoa, sounds very interesting

 By: ei8htohms : January 17th, 2004-11:11
Hi Bernard, Thanks for the info. That movement looks lovely and definitely not "common". The "backlashless" gear train sounds very intriguing (I'm assuming we're only talking about the dial train?). I'm having a hard time envsioning a "notch on each tooth...