PP 5270G-001, PP 5270G-015, PP 5270G-013 and PP 5270G-014

Nov 28, 2013,13:42 PM

Wow, four different versions and all of them in white gold!


Let´s have a more detailed look.

The first one (5270G-001) was introduced in Basel 2011:

The second one (5270G-015) was introduced as a Limited Edition (50 pieces) at the KunstWerkUhr exhibition in Munich, in October 2013:

The third and the fourth one …



… introduced (just?!) online at the official Patek Philippe internet page, in November 2013.


What shall I say? I am surprised and pleased at the same time.


We had quite a few discussions about the new design back in 2011 and we had quite controversial discussions recently, when the Limited Edition from Munich poped up.

At live pictures it was like this:

In detail the LE (015) looked like this:

The light was far from being perfect to take pictures and it looked much better in reality. Especially I liked the subtle blue details – at indexes, numbers and hands.


What is the difference between the version 015 and 013? Is it “only” blue versus black/dark grey at some details? One is limited and the other one is regular production?

Additional new products throughout the year are what we get from ambitious brands and also independents. Is it because (almost) everybody is hunting for the very special/limited piece and the demand for regular production is weaker because of this?

The predecessors (1518, 2499, 3970 and 5970) …

… have been in production for quite some time, without minor or major changes, haven´t they?

So far we only had several versions in WG, nothing more nothing less.

To be honest, at the moment I have more questions than answers. But nonetheless my personal favorite versions are so far 015 for its blue subtle details (also the smaller PP logo on the dial I liked a lot, but this is shown at the two latest versions as well) and of course the “magic” blue 014 smile


Looking forward to your thoughts!



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nice, very nice..... but too much?

 By: Bruno.M1 : November 28th, 2013-13:58
The blue one is by for the most beautifull. But why all these variations. Thinking about the 5070 or 5970, these were 1 color and one dial. Do we really want all these dials in just one white gold reference. What if they make another one with a black dial... 

"Less is more"... Rolex

 By: Fricks : November 28th, 2013-15:05
totally agree. Rolex is a good example of how simplicity, when it works, becomes timeless beauty. 5960 is good example. They should have done a Wg very instead of 3 platinums. It would have been more affordable and accessible for some people, and in the s... 

Many questions indeed

 By: Mark in Paris : November 28th, 2013-14:04
I haven't seen the Munich one in the flesh but I'm not sure about the blue color. I think I prefer the grey markers version better, and of course the full blue one. I guess the blue 5270 really needs to be seen in the metal to prefectly observe the colors... 


 By: Myopiccoog : November 28th, 2013-14:13
This is what happens when you go in house and have to get your ROI on your R&D. Combine that with a soft market for the original, you get these type of tactics. It's like changing the headlights on a car before the change to a new model to spur some l... 

Well I am biased, but.......

 By: Conkers : November 28th, 2013-14:29
...........the original is the best. I think the curvature at 6pm doesn't work, and even if it did the blue face (probably the best of the three variations) should be reserved for the P model in my opinion. ...  

+1 , Very often.

 By: akitaishi : November 28th, 2013-17:31
The original is the best. Just like movies, sequels are rarely as good.

+1... totally agree. [nt]

 By: Fricks : November 28th, 2013-15:08


 By: akitaishi : November 28th, 2013-17:27
The bump on the tachy dial does not look "natural".

Let's debate :)

 By: Fricks : November 28th, 2013-14:30
1st of all, even if i am sure those new models will be nice watches, i cannot help myself thinking that the "belly" at 6h gives the impression that sub dials are being squeezed in. The area between "10" et "2" is breathing quite well in opposition to the ... 

Good comments Fricks.

 By: Conkers : November 28th, 2013-14:43
For me the 5970G without tachymeter would be interesting - I find the cleaner dial of the original 5270 better than the 5970, but that's why we all love fine watches, everyone has their own opinion.

You got to wear a 5270G

 By: Fricks : November 28th, 2013-14:54
... to feel the magic of the dial. I love dials that "lives", like the brushed texture of the original 5270G. The more i am looking at that new 5270 and comparing it with the 5970, it feels like it has been hit by gravity. I am still happy with my 5270G,.... 

5270G series 1

 By: Myopiccoog : November 28th, 2013-17:14
Has the most versatile/ complex dial I have ever seen. It is spectacular in person. Looks plain in pics. Pops way more than the 5970g.

Is it a trend

 By: Ares501 Mr Green : November 28th, 2013-14:49
that after some time all watch brands starting with letter P catch same syndrome? ;) Thank you for updates dear Oliver Sincerely D

Panerai or Parmigiani? :)

 By: Fricks : November 28th, 2013-14:57
or AP? Not really a new thing, check the several series in 2499 and 3970. 5970 managed to escape.

May we know it here forward as the...

 By: Myopiccoog : November 28th, 2013-15:02
... "Pregnant Tach" ?


 By: Conkers : November 28th, 2013-15:43
"double chin tach"

Is it safe to say...

 By: optionc : November 28th, 2013-18:44
that the original 5270g is the only patek philippe perpetual chrono without a tachymeter on the dial? I prefer the original to the new ''version"... but I can see the link to the 5970 more clearly. OpC

Perp chrono's without tachs

 By: Myopiccoog : November 28th, 2013-20:45
One of the 2499 series did not have a tach. None of the 3970's had a tach. I think it is funny when people say the 5270 series 1 lost it's Patek DNA. It looks like a 41mm 3970.

thanks for the information!

 By: optionc : November 28th, 2013-22:27
Funny I was looking at a 3970 yesterday and didn't even think that it didn't have a tach. :p OpC

blue is nice

 By: jonrus : November 28th, 2013-19:59
however, I am at a loss... is this a transition until the anniversary watches next year, or a panic response to stimulate sales? Frankly, I think that cost is the main factor for the decrease in sales, not the dial. The added dials confuse the collectors ... 

I hear you jonrus.........

 By: Conkers : November 28th, 2013-21:58
........if you are buying for investment, but if you are buying it because you love it, surely you can't go wrong, whatever comes out next?

I buy it for both

 By: jonrus : November 29th, 2013-04:16
I used to buy it for love alone, but that was about 15 years ago when prices allowed me to do so. At this price point, I have to satisfy both criteria. Furthermore, I have to be savvy in order to not run out of funds for the next purchase. Just being a pr... 

Very shrewd.......

 By: Conkers : November 29th, 2013-17:46
..........observations jonrus. I must confess that when buying Pateks I don't think too much about the resale value but I have become much more selective and try to avoid buying on a whim, which I used to do a lot. With other brands I am much more conscio... 

That's too much ......!!!!

 By: AbuLayan : November 29th, 2013-04:13
PP trying to kill this beautiful ref. by adding those dials!!!!!. I still prefer the original version.


 By: jonrus : November 29th, 2013-04:22
Too many versions = noise that dilutes the message.

My take

 By: Le Monde Edmond : November 29th, 2013-07:39
Firstly thank you for posting these very interesting changes! This is what I think. PP has now turned the 5270 into an instant classic. The watch is to die for with the grey brushed dial. It is magical in person, maybe in Pictures not so attractive. I thi... 

The original 5270 was ONE AND ONLY

 By: EDJA : November 29th, 2013-15:37
Hope there will at least one brand new for me once i decide to reset my visa card. ...  

Thanks for this comparison !!

 By: Georg : November 29th, 2013-07:51
Very informative and interesting. I liked it right away in 2011 and I would still go for the first version, if I were lucky enough to have to decide. One day I will get one, but not this year and probably not next year, but you never know what happens. Be... 

Just a quick snap-shot view....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : November 29th, 2013-09:40
First, Fricks...... absolutely spot-on. Second..... as i see more and more versions ..... and on each reflection i think to myself....thank goodness i have my 5070P.

maybe you meant 5970P...?

 By: Fricks : November 29th, 2013-15:09
... i'm starting to understand why old discontinued nice pieces are breaking records in auctions.

Thanks all for your replies ...

 By: small-luxury-world : December 1st, 2013-07:46
and it will be interesting to see what comes next :-) Oliver

Nice dials, but....

 By: Mike Wood : December 5th, 2013-00:08
isn't it high time that PP brought this model out with a chronograph that can count to more than 30 minutes ?? ;-)

Just for the sake of ...

 By: small-luxury-world : December 5th, 2013-11:08
we can do it ... or what is the reason you have in mind? Oliver

5270G Dial Variations

 By: patekova : December 5th, 2013-10:35
While this is my first post on the Patek Forum I have been lurking for a while and have enjoyed the beautiful images and the often illuminating and thought provoking discussions. Hopefully I can contribute something of value to those discussions. Thank yo... 

The seconds track...

 By: Mostel : December 7th, 2013-15:19
as a few have noted... is 'bizarre' on a classic Patek, to say the least. Shaking my head.... the Thierry era.... :(